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These Shadows have the most amazing color pay off, very bendable, beautiful colors and you can pick them up at the drug store!!!!! I have about 12 of these shadows and i will continue to pick them up. I definitely recommend them and if you are lucky you can catch them on sale from the already reasonable price<3

Great base for smokey eye!

This is a great product that really minimizes fall out. When using lots of black or glitter shadows it can easily turn into your best friend. The staying power is great very little creasing but when applying to the eye lid it does dry rather quickly so you have to be quick!


I have had this product for less then 24 hours and my lips feel brand new! Last night i took a trip to Sephora in desperate need of a lip repairing balm. I initially intended on getting the lip Sugar treatment ( Which I received in my swag bag from the beauty social) but when i realized it was a bit more expensive, I was on a search for a replacement. Then I found this!!! My lips were probably the worst they have ever been.. im talking dry and chapped. I applied once at 7pm and once before i fell asleep and TADA this morning im a brand new women! My lips are soft, moisturized and almost completely healed from little cracks. THANK GOODNESS!!!

My favorite Lip chap<3

I adore this yummy lip moisturizer. It never leaves my purse and i would recommend this to anyone with dry lip syndrome lol. You can apply before lip color or by itself. The smell and taste is fantastic and i cant help but notice every time I wear it im constantly rubbing my lips together to feel how soft it is. If you don't have it honey get it! <3


Upon opening this bush I thought " yea this wont work with my tan skin" boy was i WRONG! I put it on the apples of my cheeks and it gave me such a pretty pink glow! Its perfect to build or wear as a sheer tint and either way you will look fab<3

Lub it!

im always obsessing over the size of my pores so needless to say when i found this product i wanted to by it by the case lol. its great to use underneath or over foundation. It gives a great flawless finish and photographs with perfection! <3

you get what you pay for?

SO I tried out these pallets and i have to admit I do use them often when im in a hurry. The color combos are very bendable and build-able but i did notice that they are of course more on the sheer side causing them to fade rather quickly. I would not use these without a primer or if your going for a night out.


I love this mascara! I use it for my everyday look and it gives my lashes some serious volume. Best part pretty inexpensive. washes off pretty easy and it wont harden your lash to the point where the fall out. the only down fall is that i find the brush a bit to long so when combimg through bottom lashes take your time and be careful not to get smudge marks near your tear duct <3

Cant live without it!

I have been using this product since i was 17 and just last weekend I turned to my bf and said "i don't think i have gone one summer without this can in my medicine cabinet!" The coverage you receive with this product is amazing. It covers scars, red marks and it even makes your legs look thinner! lol thats right ladies i said it! THINNER! Besides the coverage my favorite part is the color. Its a wonderful warm tan color, very natural and give a great glow! It also dose not transfer to your clothes. Once you apply the product to your legs it stays put until you wash it off with warm water and soap!

Quick tip: Before you apply the makeup moisturize with your favorite lotion. I usually don't rub in my lotion completely, I let it air dry for about 15 min then proceed with makeup application. ENJOY your yummy looking stems ladies!

ahhh U.D ya did good!

Because of this palette i will buy more u.d palettes. Pigments are great, color selection is wonderful you get these very versatile colors and with a decent primer you can get a good 5 - 6 hour wear. My favs are "Last call and "Maui Wowie" <3

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