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My Favorite Mascara

Maybelline has always had my vote for favorite mascara brand- So when I saw this in the drugstore, I HAD to have it! Lets talk wand- Its huge. The rubber bristles work to separate, evenly coat and volumaize my lashes to the MAX! Match that with the flawless Maybelline Formula? I am in love. I will continue to buy and recommend this mascara for as long as humanly possible.

Minty and Healthy Lips Guaranteed

I LOVE this stuff! My lips get super dry on their own; without winter doing its worst. I use this balm before bed and while I'm prepping my face. Mint is one of my favorites, and not only does this product taste minty, but it smells amazing! My lips are always left feeling fresh and conditioned everytime I use this :) 10/10

Not my favorite....

Last year at IMATS NY (2012) I purchased 3 glitters, and this came with it. It is most DEFIANTLY water based. Thats why I would skip it. When I wear glitter, I generally am placing it over shadows. The base actually can remove existing shadows if your not careful :/ Also, this might just be me, but this formula makes my eyes tear EVERY TIME!!! My opinion? Skip it.

Its in my Kit for good.

I dont know how I went on without this! I use it on powder and creams to clean them. 1-2 spritzes and the the product is instantly absorbed into the pot. No residue. No damage. Just super clean makeup :) P.S. The pump is great quality

I Like it

This product is nice. Nothing monumental, but it does the job. The pump works amazing, and it takes about 3 sprays to clean 1 dirty brush. I also tried the chocolate scented one. It makes your brushes smell PHENOMENAL, but it does take and extra pump of product for a perfect cleanse. Final rate? 4/5 Not too shabby:)

My Favorite Glitter!

I am one of those people that wear glitter almost everyday. Before using LIT, I played around with other brands like MAC, Kandy Eyes, etc. All good, but not LIT. Apart from LIT's HUGE selection of colors, they also carry different sizes! (S1 the smallest and S4 the largest) Currently I own 18 glitters from LIT. But don't worry, I will definitely buy more :)

Steer Clear

This foundation, to me, is SO disappointing. The coverage according to the product is "medium "....its light. The overall consistency is so liquidy, it feels almost greasy in your hands. Not to mention, this foundation is a JUMPER! First off, because the coverage is so light, if I use any brush to apply it, it leaves streaks. Second, if you put your hand next on your face after applying (even with powder) the product will jump from your face to your hand. NOT STAMP...but completely jump. Final words: this product retails for about $8.00.....I wouldn't pay $0.08

I dont use anything else!

Brush cleaners are muck like mascara. Its always difficult to find the perfect one. However, once you find that certain product- there is no going back! This brush cleaner is that of the holy grail to me :) The formula is gentle enough not to harm the bristles of my brush, yet it is tough enough to get all product off of them within seconds! My only "beef" with this product would have to be the packaging. I like to empty my bottle into a dollar store spray bottle. This doesn't let me waste even the smallest drop :)

My Favorite Mascara. Period.

This stuff is . Maybelline is one of my FAVORITE drugstore brands to begin with, but this mascara just confirms my love for them. The formula is the blackest black! It makes my lashes full and long and basically amazing! I am one to wear fake lashes alomost everyday-but on days when I am either too lazy, or my eyes just are not having it...this mascara saves the day!!!!

I Could live Without it :?

Maybelline is one of my FAVORITE drugstore brandsn as well as my go-to mascara brand. When I got my CVS extra bucks, i spent it on this. I was perfectly happy with my Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express, but I thought why not. The product was an overall disappointment. The color was fine, the wand was great, it just wasn't "for me". The only remarkably great thing it did was make my lashes super black. Not longer, not fuller, just black. Overall experience... I'll use it, but I probably won't buy it again.

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