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Beauty Product Reviews

Great for EVERYONE!

I bought this palette & found myself using it every day for months! When I got married I loved it so much I gifted all of my bridesmaids w/ the palette & they were all in love w/ it!! Perfect for a day, nude eye but can also switch to a night, smokey eye. The shadows were all high in pigment & lasted the entire day for me. A++++ product!!

Definitely a lip plumper!

This was the first lip plumper I used that actually plumped my lips! There is a great range of shades & I love all of them!! I usually have an issue with extremely dry lips & this product didn't dry mine out at all. Definitely plan on re purchasing!

Natural looking!

I love this product for a few reasons. First, It was my very first non drug store purchase ever. I was in High School & thought not only the product was gorgeous but the packaging also. Not only does it look pretty it is a great product! I have very fair skin & this was a natural looking bronzer on me which is so hard to find in my opinion!

Saved my nail beds!

This product has saved my nails! One day I looked down at my nails & saw that my cuticles were so dry & cracked they looked just awful! I ordered this from Lush & it has been great! I just put a bit on before I go to bed & my nail beds instantly look more healthy! I don't even have to re-use this for like a week or 2! This little container will last you a very long time. I am no where near done with mine & I ordered it 5 months ago.

Great brush, Great price!

This is an amazing brush & the only thing that makes it more amazing is the price.. at only $16. That is a steal compared to the face brushes by MAC & works just as well if not better. I personally love to use it for liquid foundation especially w/ Revlon colorstay..perfection! The only bad thing I could say about this brush is that it is a bit of a pain when you go to deep clean it. I feel like I never get it clean enough which really bugs me. But I suppose that is the price we pay for a super dense yet soft foundation brush lol :)

Worked great for me!

I am pretty picky with mascaras & usually nothing compares to my Makeup Forever Smoky Lash but I ran out of that then got this in the same months birchbox that I ran out of Smoky Lash.. fate i know LOL. This mascara really did the volumizing like it said & one thing I really loved is that you could add coats throughout the day bc it does not make your lashes stiff at all! I definitely would recommend this mascara to a friend!

Lasts very long!

My skin tone is pretty fair so one of my biggest makeup pet peeves is when my blush fades throughout the day bc without blush I just look ill (lol)..seriously im that pale. I have this blush in "blissful" & while it may not last the stated 12 whole hours it does last for a while! I would say about 7 hours? I have never really timed it lol.

The blush is pretty much a matte finish & looks very natural on my skin. They also have a great range of shades so im sure any one can find a shade they like :)

The most amazing lip product I have ever owned!

I am not exaggerating a bit when I say that this lip treatment is the most amazing lip product I have ever owned. I have had a problem with dry, chapped lips since I could remember. I have tried it all.. the 'ol toothbrush scrub, vaseline, burt's bees, eos, nivea. I felt like I tried every thing under the sun.. Then, I got this little piece of heaven in my birchbox. ONE TIME. That is all it took for my lips to look more healthy than they have ever looked.. ONE application. This product amazes me! It leaves my lips moisturized for a good 2-3 days before I even need to apply it again. I have already ordered the full size from birchbox! If you feel like you have tried everything but your lips still seem to stay dry/chapped - try this! I have already told all my friends & family about it & ordered tubes for some of them too.. that is how much I am pleased with this product.. I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH EVERY ONE LOL!!

great shine without looking greasy!

I love shine sprays or shine serums but the thing is I can never find one that doesn't make my hair look greasy. Then I got this Redken shine flash mist in my July birchbox & fell in love!! The spray smells good & is light so you can spray on very little or build it up to make it look super shiny!

Does what is said!

I bought a trial size of this at the counter of my Ulta & so happy I did! The Texas heat has been a killer lately so I make sure to spritz my face with this when done with my makeup to make sure my makeup will last all day. I even make sure to spray over my eyeshadow & it stays put!

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