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Hi Aubrey! I want to introduce myself as community manager and welcome you to Beautylish! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. xoxo

Oct 03, 2011

Aubrey A.

Thank you so much (:

Aubrey A.

It's A Beautiful Day

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About Me

My name is Aubrey Adams, I'm 16 and currently live in South Carolina. I am home schooled because it just fits me better, although I have attended many different kinds of schools and would one day like to attend a public school again. I'm a Jesus freak. My mom, my brother, and a few friends are my whole world. My brother is currently in college in Manhattan and I miss him and wish I could fly to him everyday! I'm into modeling and acting, although the runway is my passion I am 5'4" and know that acting will be the path I go down. But that isn't at all bad, I'm still as happy as could be about having a life filled with acting. I have struggled with many things in my life, like everyone and my struggles have led me to want to help people. I love to study psychology and learn about us crazy humans. :) As much as I like to act I am a little nervous about starting a chain of videos but as soon as a get a good enough camera I'm going to give it my all. Just the first few subscribers have made me want to continue this so thanks to you guys! I'm not sure what will be my main focus, I know this site is about beauty and health and tutorials so I guess I'll just wing it at first so be patient with me. (: I also have a blog where I talk about things like health and beauty with an addition of more serious things like depression and anxiety. Although I am in no place to prescribe or diagnose anyone with anything, I'd just like to offer my support and my knowledge from my own experiences and what I've went through. I've also met a lot of younger girls in my life that have had absent mothers or mother's that just don't know how to say the hard things and don't know all the great things my mom taught me, so simple advice on being a lady and growing into a teenager, answering questions, and just putting my help out there is what I'd like to do. My mom has taught me well on this subject and I'd love to share my advice. I'm always up for learning and building my own knowledge as well so tips tricks and comments are welcome! I've always been interested in helping girls and getting help from girls but I haven't always attended a school with tons of kids so I haven't had many girl friends. I'm always up to meet new people. I feel like all comments should be nice and build someone up. Even if it's simple. It doesn't have to be "OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR HAIR YOUR SOOOO BEAUTIFUL" no one is fishing for compliments here, just hey's and how are you's. (: I do ask you if you have anything unpleasant or not so nice, and it's not possible to put it in a nice manner, it would be better left unsaid and I'll do the same. I enjoy starting a life on Beautylish and meeting wonderful new people that I can talk to and share advice with. God Bless xoxo's!

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Oily
Birthday: March 10
Age: 27