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Absolute favourite polish, not only from the formula, but the brush and longevity of it is incredible. I paid $20+ for Nars polishes before but these soar way higher. I'm definitely filling my collection with this brand from now on!

Just a normal toner.

I'd been lusting over this product forever! All the write ups and reviews prepared me for totally new skin and a healthier product to keep on my vanity. Though really, it hasn't done much. I'm almost done with it, down to a little over 10% left, from six months of use which is actually pretty nice, but I break out as much as usual. Maybe even a little more than with my old toner, well, I wouldn't say it's causing it, but maybe it's more or less just not as controlling. I'm mainly disappointed because my orange peel toner from Target does the same job with the same results. I was hoping for brighter, more even skin, or maybe to at least feel a difference if not see it. TLDR; Just an ordinary toner with a nice bottle and an alright scent.

I waited on trying these cause I have a lot of lippies that I thought were pretty similar, so why get more? But ohhhhhhh I was so so so wrong! The texture of these is marvelous! Not sticky or tacky so my lips don't mack together, these are completely weightless while giving you a glossy pigmented lip! These are amazing and now I need the entire collection.

Favourite palette ever!

Like the rest of Sugarpill's palettes, the eyeshadows are buttery soft and super pigmented! Along with that, they shimmer and sparkle with no fallout! Ugh, it's too good! The colours are all amazing and so wearable on all skin tones, it's definitely a palette I'm keeping in my kit for clients as well as personal use! It's my new favourite palette over all palettes! Thank you Amy, you are a genius!!!

I like this product because it's gentle on skin, and doesn't smell awful or strongly. It does make my skin feel super clean and smooth afterwards as well! But it doesn't really help with my oily skin control, hormonal acne, or blackheads. It's not really worth buying for me, since I can get other face cleansers that make my face feel clean for a cheaper price. Doesn't do what it's advertised to do, so it's a no-re-buy for me.

Tall glass of NOPE

I was recommended this product after a dermatology pore facial so I bought this with the matching T-Zone refiner serum. The Serum is fine, but this mask? NOPE. When I put it on, it feels a bit rough and also the burning stinging sensation is not something you can ignore. On the package it says not to leave on for more than 10 minutes, but anymore than five and I'm scared my skin will be burned away. I think I'm allergic to something in this product because I don't have sensitive skin, and this MAKES me sensitive! It causes me to break out in hives for a few days too which is a major no-no for me when I compete in walk-on shows.

These lashes are really great because they look realistic enough (for being $2.80USD? Heck yeah!) and they stay on in my inner corner really well. Some lashes have a problem because my inner corner has more of a slant so lashes tend to come up (the Eyelure ones are the worst offender) but amazingly enough these lashes don't do that, and they give such a dramatic look! The glue it comes with is cheap and doesn't stick at all. I recommend using Duo-waterproof lash glue with these instead. I really like that there are a TOOOOn of different styles too. I don't mind cutting them up or anything either cause they're less than three bucks! Definitely worth it.

Does half the job

I bought this curler because I wanted to buy my own, and quit using the old Mary Kay hand-me-down one from my mom. A gal at Sephora introduced this one to me, and I went for it cause it was a pretty colour, and came with free mascara! Who could say no! While it does a better job than the old 20 year old broken spring hand-me-down curler I had previously, it still doesn't wow me. It curls the front half of my lashes, but it either crimps halfway the outer edge of my lashes (no matter how close I press all the edges to my eye) or it doesn't curl the outer edge at all. It also can pinch if I'm not too careful, so I avoid curling my lashes most days.

The Perfect Matte Lip

I am so throughly impressed with this product! I bought it on impulse, wanting to try more Nars products and boy am I glad I got this! It's so pigmented and glides onto my lips so smoothly and soft, it's convenient in the stick, along with the shape being great for shaping lips. I don't need to use a lip brush for precision with this! All that and beautiful matte lips that don't budge for over 10 hours? It's made the Holy-Grail list for me!

Wasn't love at first sight, but...

I just wanted to try this because of the riduculous amount of glitter seen in this blush! Haha! Funny, because I didn't love it at first and was almost contemplating sending it back, but I ended up forgetting about it in the back of my face drawer. Finding it once again and using it with certain looks, I realize how quality this blush is. With all the iridescent sparkles that are in there, there is almost no fall out (using only ontop of primer and foundation) and I like the peachy warm pink with my cool olive skin tone. The colour doesn't fade, even after my crazy 18 hour work days, and oily skin can't put this blush down! I definitely want to get other blushes (because the sparkles are fun, but not everyday for me haha)

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