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I wanna see some new youtube videos! lol 

Aug 31, 2011

Callie Z.

Here is the link to my channel :-)

Check out my channel, let me know what you think :-)

Hey there.
My youtube channel link is

Feel free to stop by and maybe sub. Leave me a comment on my wall if you do check out my channel so i can check out yours and maybe sub back =)

Stay beautiful all!

Sarah Louise

Aug 31, 2011

Carolyn G.

It would mean the world to me if you could check out my channel <3

I'm always looking for new channels!!!! :)

here's mine if you'd like to check it out:

Aug 31, 2011

Ashley H.

heres my channel :)

This is me! (: I'm jsut starting out on yt, but expect nail tutorials, lots of beauty fun, and omg I'm already planning for Halloween! :D

omg thank you all of you guys are so damn gorgeous wow im a sub to everyone thank you!! 

Subscribe, comment, add me as a friend, and/or like my videos :) im new on youtube and will greatly appreciate it. If you like them of course ;)

Sep 04, 2011

Amy C.

please check out my beauty channel <3 I'd really appreciate it!

Sep 04, 2011

Lupe N.

Here's my channel :)

Here is my latest video.... New video going up tonight!

Sep 05, 2011

Kayla W.

Heyy here my channel. subscribe if you are interested thanks so much
My channel:

Sep 05, 2011

Kelsey I.

Here you are :)

much love -xx

Sep 06, 2011

Cat C.

here's mine-
thanks! :) <3

Sep 06, 2011

Emily S.

This is my channel guys! Please check it out :D xoxo

Sep 07, 2011

Mariah C.

Hey Gorgeous Ladies!!!!!!! How are you all?? I hope you guys are doing GREAT! :) but I just wanted to share mi makeup channel with you girls, because I'm just so excited about the Lion King Series I'm doing! It's a series of makeup tutorials inspired by some of the characters in the movie:D I'm having SO much fun doing these looks! I have so many ideas, I can't wait for you all to check them out:) so if you would go by mi channel and subscribe, it'd just MAKE MI DAY:) thankk you soo much!! <3333

I'll put a link to mi "Scar" look-

Aug 02, 2012

Adrienne J.
Like Comment Rate and Subscribe please. :) I always check out my subscribers channels and usually subscribe to beauty and makeup channels . Thank u :)

Aug 02, 2012

Dana K.

Check out my channel. Give me some feedback. I love hearing new ways to improve.

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