Coldsores, Fever Blisters, how do you get rid of them?

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I've been a victim of getting cold sores my entire life. My dad's entire side of the family gets them, and I was soooo lucky in inheriting that.
Anyways, I have a horrible cold right now, and I'm stressed out from work and school. So, like clockwork, a nasty coldsore pops up on my lip.
I slather it with Abreeva, but it still takes days, even up to a week to heal. Even though I always catch it early. Other than that, it HURTS!
How do you deal with these pesky little bumps and lessen the pain?! Help!!!

Feb 01, 2012

Michelle D.

Well, the area around my lips are VERY coldcore prone, so everytime I take a shower I analyze every single cell (haha) around my lips. I can usually feel it coming (a very slight soreness usually) and I see a tiny fleshy colored bump starting to form. I usually take a Q-Tip and dip it in some hydrogen peroxide. It'll kill the bacteria and the dreaded coldsore situation will be avoided. It's this method that leads me to having them rarely (change in weather/stress), but if I do get them, I'll just leave it be throughout the day (no concealing) and before I go to bed, hydrogen peroxide.

Feb 01, 2012

Jessica W.

I too inherited that ill fated gene. Rather than using hydrogen peroxide, I usually use rubbing alcohol. Same method... dip a q-tip in some. I usually do my whole mouth just in case it spread but i save the actual tingly spot for last, then i just take a freshly dipped q-tip and hold it down on top of the forming nuisance for about 10-15 secs. Its stings like hell but that means its killing the bacteria. also if you are going to use any lip products make sure to sanitize them regularly to avoid random flare ups. Lastly, apply a lip balm/stick/etc after with your finger bc the alcohol does dry out your lips a bit. I also make sure to exfoliate my lips once a week and do a once over with alcohol to be prepared. Hope my essay helps :)

I wish I wouldve posted sooner, I've never done the hydrogen peroxide or alcohol method, I usually just start slathering it with Abreeva as soon as I feel it coming on, but it still runs it's full course that way. Now I have this horrible, disgusting bump on my lip! Ugh!!!
I never conceal or use lip products aside from a lip balm over it, so thats not an issue, I just wish I could make the pain/nasty bump go away sooner!

Feb 01, 2012

Megan O.

All a cold sore is is the herpes virus. Pretty much everyone will get it in their lifetime. Maybe you're immune to the abreeva since you get cold sores all the time. I'd talk to my doctor to see if there's anything stronger. Those things do get pretty painful.

Feb 02, 2012

Katie P.

I sadly get them too cause its in the family. Nothing ever worked so I went to the doctor and he gave me pills to take for cold sores. With the prescribed pills it goes away in a few days. This really really saves me cause it works fast and its efficient!! If you get cold sores a lot Id talk to the doctor

I don't really get them a lot, but I do notice them after lip trauma, such as a bitten or split lip sometimes. I'm going to have to try the hydrogen peroxide trick in the future when I notice one coming on the next time.
I never thought about becoming immune to abreva though!
Katie, do you have to take a the pills every day, or do you just get them prescribed when you feel/have a coldsore coming on?

Feb 02, 2012

Katie P.

You dont take them all the time but just when you feel a cold sore coming is when you start taking them/ get them prescribed. Then when your sore is gone you stop taking them. The pills I have I take 2 every 6 hours and with in a few days I dont have to worry about it :] 

Feb 04, 2012

Dani M.

I have an antibiotic from my doctor I take when those ugly guys show there face. I also like to use and take extra vitamin e. I saw something on dr.oz one day saying lemon balm tea is good to drink when you get cold sores so I ran out to my whole foods and bought that. haha I haven't tried it but I'm willing to do anything to shorten the days. 

Feb 05, 2012

Rebecca E.

Natalie B is correct - cold sores are caused by a virus (specifically a variation of the herpes virus). Breakouts can be caused by stress, excess exposure to sun, or trauma to the skin surrounding the lip (or even around the nose). There is no cure for this - once you have it, you have it for life.

There is a pill and/or a cream you can get from your doctor that you take when you feel a cold sore starting to form. There are also a few things you can do to help prevent an outbreak:
1. Take Lysine - this is an amino acid dietary supplement that can be found in any pharmacy.
2. Wear sunscreen on a daily basis.
3. Stress management (daily exercise, yoga, meditation, whatever...)
4. Abreva - can help the sore heal more quickly.

My two cents (I have a feeling I might be forgetting something)... Hope this helps someone out there :-)

Feb 05, 2012

Rina N.

I agree with everyone and I normally apply abreeva but one thing I do know and have researched is that especially during cold winters try to not lick your lips because it dries them out and can actually cause a cold sore because it happened to me so during winter try to keep them moisturized. :) And also summer but Winter affects me the most! lol

Feb 14, 2012

Tara B.

I have had them my whole life! But, a few years ago, my nutritionist recommended to take a "lysine" supplement with my daily vitamins....if I feel a tingle, I take 2! I haven't suffered with one ever since. I definitely recommend going to vitamin shoppe!

Feb 19, 2013

Andrea M.

Hey I also get these all the time. And what's usually the worst part is they pop up overnight so I've not been able to try and prevent them!! I have been able to speed up the procress of healing by icing it. I find they go away in 2-3 days now instead of 7+ days. I put a compeed patch over it and put ice on it as much as possible. Compeed patched are also good cos I find they stop you licking it or getting food on it.

Feb 28, 2013

Amanda C.

I have a medicated lip balm that clears up coldsores in a matter of hours. Its called chap-ice. It's amazing!! I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Apr 27, 2015

Ericka L.

To clear up a few inaccuracies in this thread: cold sores are not genetic nor are they bacterial infections. They are caused by an oral herpes virus. Once a person contracts the virus, it remains in their body forever, but it is usually inactive. It can be reactivated, causing a breakout, by stress, trauma to the lips, illness, exposure to sun. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses but your doctor can give you an antiviral medication to keep prevent or treat breakouts.

Aug 16, 2015

Jada T.

I get them too and usually 3+ at a time, especially from stress or sunburn. My doctor gave me a cream and an antiviral pill BOTH which work wonders. Peroxide and rubbing alcohol go hand in glove for these things. AND my doctor said that your stomach looks how your mouth looks when you have these so taking a laxative or stool softener tends to help when they are stress related. I put vitamin E gel on them at night after my cream sets in. And when they are really bad I ice them as well.

Dec 17, 2015

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