Help! My hair looks dead.

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Aug 13, 2013

Katfish K.

My hair is really thick and is about medium length, but I'd like it longer and maybe shinier! What are some good shampoo and conditioners?

Aug 13, 2013

Ally F.

I use the tea tree mint conditioner and tea tree shampoo. It makes my hair soft and hydrates it.

Aug 13, 2013

Hollie M.

I use argan oil sometimea when I don't want to use heat on my hair and it makes it really soft. only thing is, its maybe a little expensive to how much you get but its worth it!

Aug 13, 2013

Shannon R.

To make it longer crush up about 15-20 parental pills inna plastic bag and mix it into your shampoo. it changes the smell and color of your shampoo so don't chose your favorite shampoo. then when you take a shower, start with using the shampoo--don't rinse and tie back your hair untill your almost done. then rinse it out and condition once or twice to get the smell out. use the shampoo everytime you take a shower and itll grow your hair long FAST. someone made a post on this before so I'm spreading the word, haha. I saw results in a month, my hairs grown double or maybe triple as much as normal. ^_^

Aug 14, 2013

Lauren C.

I use Organix Morracan Argan Oil. It is about 5 dollars at walmart. :)

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