Lightening Hair

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Sep 08, 2012

Sarah G.

can i use just developer to lighten my hair...someone told me to put the developer in my hair wrap it with foil and let it sit...

Sep 08, 2012

Laura J.

I wouldn't recommend you to do that yourself. Usually you'll end up with your hair breaking/falling out. Get into the hair salon or buy a good hair color removal from store. I used Color B4 because it doesn't damage your hair as much as "normal" hair color removers. Hopefully this helps you! =)

Sep 08, 2012

Sarah G.

does it really make it fall out!!

Sep 10, 2012

Sheila D.

Developer doesnt do much, it is used for activating dyes and bleach, doesnt work on its own 

Sep 17, 2012

Mandy J.

no you have to use it with lightner. I recommend going to a stylist to have it done. If you leave the lightner on your hair for too long it can really damage your hair

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