Want to Ombré My Hair

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Apr 24, 2012

Shyla L.

I totally want to do this! It's super cute and I think a good way to kick off summer! Problem is.. I'm scared!

I've had really bad experiences with bleach in the past. A year ago, I had to chop off my hair into a pixie cut just to get rid of all the damaged ends! I'm still trying to grow it out! I would love some tips on how to get the Ombre without damaging my hair too much. Or, if it is too damaging, please tell me! I don't want to have to cut off all my hair again!

Apr 24, 2012

Mindy N.

Go to a professional! They will keep bleach on and dye your hair.. so that it wont get ruined and need a cut.  

Apr 24, 2012

Aprille N.

I ombre'd my hair myself last fall. I have dark brown hair with a slight reddish tint and I used Herbal Essence I think, like a dark blonde color. I did some research online and looked up videos on youtube to see what the best approach was. It definitely takes some time. I sectioned my hair into four parts and started with just the ends. Then after about 10 minutes I added some more color a few inches above that, and repeated that one more time, so I had three different shades going on. My only tip if you decide to do it yourself would be to make sure you don't have a harsh color line between the different shades. Good luck!

Apr 25, 2012

Jaclyn S.

i just got ombre hair today!! i love it! go to a professional and look u some pics. i uploaded pics on my instagram: jaclynsmyname

maybe try chalking your hair..it is not too much of a dedication and you can see if you really like it

It'll be hard to ombre your hair without damaging it even in the slightest bit. I just got mine done three weeks ago and I have very healthy hair and my ends are very dry now . If you do plan on doing it I highly suggest going to a professional, you can do touch ups and keep up with it all on your own. My ombre fades from dark brown to red, so the color is easier to keep up with than regular blonde.
Plan on taking care of your hair even more than you do now. Moisturizing it, hair masks, deep conditioning it. It's the only way to do it without drying the ends of your hair out. 

Apr 30, 2012

Skyler S.

my hair natural ombres (by the sub) which is a blessing and a curse. spray the ends of your hair (or however high that you want the ombre) with lemon juice. then go sit in the sun for about an hour. you might notice some difference but it will take time. try to sit in the sun as long and as most often as you can. work on your tan, so once you have the ombre hair you will have an amazing summer tan to match!

Apr 30, 2012

Shyla L.

I've had my hair bleached by professionals before. That's why I'm scared, it ruined my hair. I had to get it chopped off because it wouldn't grow anymore.

Itzayana, I already deep condition and moisturize my hair, I'm not willing to do it more than I already do because of product build up.

I ombred my hair by myself and didn't get any damage and I've had horrific experiences with bleach before too. The trick is to use a 30 developer, and leave it in for 10/15 minutes max. then wash it off. if you need more do it again. And it's great! *see my profile pic* I didn't get any damagez. 

May 06, 2012

Terra M.

Don't be afraid! Bad things happen sometimes but that shouldn't scare you! Like the others I would definitely suggest a professional:) It is possible to do it on your own but its tough if you don't have experience or know what to do:) As for damaging it IS but isn't...Almost everything is damaging to your hair but you shouldn't be worried of your hair becoming terrible. If you look at my pics I went from super dark hair to blonde with colors in a week. My hair isn't damaged at all, things go well when proper tools, products and skill is used:D

Bleach will always damage your hair from the current state it is in because it opens up the cuticle (yeah, its not fun to hear that :( ). If you have damaged ends already, the bleach will just make it worse but it sounds like you have been taking care of your hair since the last bleach incident. It also helps if you don't want blonde at the end of your ombre, that way you can just leave the bleach on for 15 minutes and then dye it to whatever color you want your ombre. I have purple ombre going on right now, but I am just waiting to bleach it out again in a week or so. It isn't the best quality hair but it isn't mushy, which can happen with bleach sometimes if you over do it.

I wouldn't go to a professional if I were you! I did mine with leftover bleach and a toothbrush, pretty much. Ahah. Dirt cheap! & It came out just as good as people I've seen get it done for like... a hundred bucks! Way too much money for something so simple. 

May 07, 2012

Jaclyn S.

go to a proessional. it costs a lot but in the end it is worth it. she did it perfectly. it costs 120 dollars so i had to save up but the color is right and the length is too. she made sure there were no mistakes and that i loved it. i know there are tutorials on how to do it yourself but i do not trust myself with bleach! hahahaha

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