Paloma S.'s (sernaiotto) Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite scrub!

I use it twice a week, I have lots of acne and blackheads, specially on my T area. My skins feels clean and fresh after acrubbing it and it smells very good! Some people say it's not recommended for sensitive skin. I can't use it more than twice a week, kinda hurts my face, but that varies from person to person. it is my fave scrub, I absolutely recommend. I wrote a portuguese review about it here:

Convenient and cute

I have the Plum version of Line & Shine. It's very cute! I like the plum (darker) color the most, but you can use both in the same look. Easy to use, you can outline your eyes, use it as eyeshadow... convenient and cute. It came as a gift with my first shop at Eyeko. I'd buy the Rock Star Line & Shine cuz I use more black on my make up. The color is great, but I wish it could last a little bit longer on my eyelids. No big problem about that, tho. Easy to carry with you and touch up later. =)

Everyday skincare!

I love Step 1: Cleanse Deep Pore. The way it exfoliates my skin, makes me feel freshed up for hours, very clean! I use Step 2 (Tone Clarifying) sometimes... I never use the Step 3, although I need it, to control surface oil. But, for me, Step 1 worths the whole kit. Refreshing, great smell, makes my skin so fresh, clean and dry for a long time.

Hides dark circles but does not cover enought.

I have deep dark circles. To 'erase' them, I need a lot of makeup. Concealer, foundation, powder. The Ideal Shade conceals very well, but I have better results with other concealers. Its good for emergency situations, in my case. But, as you can see in the picture, there is a remnant of my dark circles appearing, even being disguised with concealer. I would recommend. But you have to know how to apply, because the texture of the product makes it cumulate in the folds of the eyelid.

Can't live without it!

I am completely dependent on this foundation. It is liquid foundation and it lasts a long time (a lot of product and you need very little to cover). It also remains on my skin for a long time. It covers everything I need: dark circles, acne, and red spots. It has the perfect finish, looks natural and flawless. It's not like other full coverage foundation where you can end up looking like a doll. I totally recommend since it's the best that I've tested and used and I use it ever day.

Wet! But soo cute!

I love the packaging! The mascara is very thick, and the applicator makes the eyelashes get very separated and thick. I love to use it when I create a look doll look. But do not use day by day. I prefer waterproof mascara and those thin and dry ones. But I recommend, yes. It's good to own different types of mascara to vary the looks.

If not for the smell..

The Magix makes your makeup stay perfect for a long time! No visible pores, sweat, shining spots. But the smell is not pleasant, at all. I would use it every day if it didn't bother me so much. My tube is almost full and I have it for 1 year. Too bad. =(

Not my favorite Eyeko item, great for photos.

I had no idea this product was for eyes and moisturizing. I keep using it as a Highlighter, on the cheeks and nose. But I'm always carefull about it, you have to blend it very well, or you'll get that plastic look, shining a lot. The cream is quite thick, and dries very quickly when applied over the foundation. You just have to blend it carefully and always apply sparingly. Not my favorite Eyeko item, but not useless. Great for photos!

Fantastic, and a great primer!

I have oily skin. If you have read my reviews, I'm always complaining about it! I can't describe how usefull this oil mattifier is, for me. I always spread it a few minutes before make up. It turns out that my makeup always lasts longer in the face when I'm using it. I never used only the mattifier, though. Can't say if it keeps my face matte without foundation. But when i have my make up on it, it stays matte for a long long time. Even in very sunny days. I can'tlive without it, anymore. =/

Good, but oily.

I have the 'Ivory 2' color here. Not sure if it's my color, was a little dark on my skin. So, it blends very well. But it's not a foundation, therefore, should not cover the imperfections as one (my Mary Kay foundation, for example, covers perfectly, even being a medium coverage foundation). I can even say that the moisturizer mantled some irritation spots of my skin, yes. But my skin is oily, and hydrate is not exactly my intent, I need some matte effect. I believe it is usefull for people who have dry skin, the effect becomes great. But in my case, it shines, I would have to cover with a powder, if I choose to use it every day. Since I'm almost done with my foundation, this tinted moisturizer can help me for a few days.

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