Automatic Eye Liner


great for waterline

i'm not too fond of automatic liners, but i love the ulta brand ones. they're really long-lasting & smudge-resistant. while they may not provide a precise 'winged' look, they're perfect for tight-lining/lining your waterline. & like all ulta brand stuff, they have great sales all the time. i just stocked up on a bunch b/c they're now being sold at $1 a piece, when they're usually $8. hope you ladies can get in on this deal b4 it ends!

Great alternative!

If you're looking for a cheaper priced eyeliner with great results-- these are a good bang for your BUCK! Right now, as I'm typing this-- ULTA is have a $1 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) eyeliner sale in stores and online! Don't miss it! I have every single color (even doubles) in my eyeliner drawer. & I'm going back for more. ;)