Too Faced

Soleil Bronzer



Okay. This is literally the most perfect bronzer ever.
First, it smells so good, like real chocolate. I kinda wish this was edible bronzer lol.
Second, its perfecttttt for contouring.
Third, its so soft! A lot of bronzers are grainy and cakey, this one feels like powered sugar. Its so light and smooth.
Fourth, it stays on aaaallll day. No need for primers or touch ups :)
Fifth, even though it seems really dark, it matches up to your skin tone perfectly.

Thus seriously is the best bronzer ever. I say 243345655 stars.


I was using Macs Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun! and I'm open to switching my makeup routine so the girl I always shop with at Sephora suggested I try this and I fell in love. It smells like a cup of hot warm chocolate! I like that it's not tested on animals also. It's matte, which is great. Bronzers work best if matte. If used with a contour brush it will give you an edgy sculpted look. Overall I just love it, definitely my new go-to!

Awesome bronzer for fair skin!

I love, love, love this bronzer! It's great for an all over bronzy look especially if you have fair skin because it's so hard to find a bronzer that's not "orange" looking. This is an amazing bronzer and looks super natural! It's also really great to contour with because it's matte and creates a beautiful shape. Smells divine, love the name, simply the best!!

Great matte bronzer, but...

It's a wonderful color if you're fair-skinned. As everyone else has said, it's matte and not orangey at all, plus it smells amazing. Unfortunately, my skin tone is a bit too dark for it to really show up (I'd say I have an olivey skin tone). Hopefully I can put it to use when I pale up during the winter.


I love the smell of this product. I intended to use it for contouring but it is not dark enough for my liking. Now I just use it as an all over face powder. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect contour shade for my brown skin!

Pick Me Up! (and never put me down)

I got this on a whim for my birthday a few months ago and haven't looked back! When it cam to my door via mail i was shocked at how dark it was and i was afraid it was going to be way too dark. and it is. but with a very light hand you can create a sunkissed glow or a nice contour. love it for contouring! As a part of my after school ritual when i come home from school i take a big whiff of this for a pick me up from the past days events. Believe the hype, it smells just like chocolate! A girl's best friend! <3

I love this!

Buy it..just do it, everyones telling you to..i promise you won't be disappointed. I'm an NC20 in mac and this is perfect. I'm sure it would be perfect for darker shades too. I use to warm up my face and its' just gorgeous and smells divine. It's worth it, I promise.

Just Ok

I have been waiting for a darker version of Chocolate Soleil it seems like forever, so I was expecting this to be a lot darker than it actually is. It's definitely warmer than the other two, so in that sense it's better. But it's only slightly darker than Chocolate Soleil. I actually prefer Smashbox Deep Matte Bronze Lights to this and I never like Smashbox products. Go figure.

I LOVE this product

Everyone mentions the smell so I won't except to say that it's obviously awesome! I will say my favorite thing about this product is that it's matte! It's perfect for my cool/neutral leaning light/medium skin as a contour. I also use it as a bronzer. Also, it lasts literally forever. FOREVER. I love it.

Didn't fit me but it fits my clients

I bought this bronzer last year because I wanted some contour powders instead of always relaying on creams. I tried on the back of my hand in ULTA and the smell is great! Makes me want to eat it!! lol I tried it the following day and it wasn't dark on me, it blended with my skin color. That was a bummer! Since I don't want a good product to go to waste, I use it on my clients with light to fair complex and it works great on them! I really like this product and love too faced products but this one just didn't work on me as I would have hoped.