Too Faced

Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer



Christa M.

This stuff is amazing. The days I want to be a little lazy and not have to do a contour, bronzer, and blush.. I just sweep this all over for a bronzed/flushed look. It's so pretty.. With just a little bit of shimmer! It lasts forever! Had it a long time

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Marilyn S.
One of the best

one of the best blush bronzer duo . well I love this it is very soft it is also very creamy so it does really apply well I also use this with a face primer and it works like magic if I love too faced cosmetics

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Lisa J.
My Number One Favorite

This bronzer/highlighter is my all-time favorite. I have a fair complexion and I struggle with finding bronzers that don't look natural. I absolutely adore Too Faced Pink Leopard. It seems to magically know where to bronze and where to highlight, and it creates a glow without being sparkly. I don't hit pan very often with face products because they either don't work or I grow bored with them, but I'm about to start on my third compact of this product. Love it!

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Erika J.

I first noticed it because of the leopard print, but now I can say, that's not the only great thing about it. It's not too dark, so it's good for my pale face, and it makes my face darker a bit, but it looks so natural. And my face is glowing! I completely adore this bronzer, and no doubts, I would recommend it to my friends.

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Diana G.

I am an animal print lover so it's no surprise that I flocked to this the moment I saw it! It's such an awesome bronzer, it leaves just the right amount of color to give the perfect look!

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Amanda  H.
love it!

I have this bronzer in a pallet. I use it daily. The bronzer is great! The leopard print is fun and girly and the product is a definite must have for your glam collection. It has just enough shimmer to glow, but not so much that you can't wear it during the day for a hint of warmth and that ' sunkissed' look.

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Stefanie G.

I love this bronzer !! On my lazy days if I feel I need color I just slap it on my face and that's it I'm ready to go ! It gives a wonderful color to the skin

Lela M.

I have been using this bronzer for a few months and I absolutely love it! I got the sample size to start off with but I loved it so much I bought the full size and having been using it ever since.

Alyssa Z.
My ultimate favorite bronzer!

When I first laid eyes on this cute leopard bronzer I was curious how radiant it would leave my light medium skin tone and it was perfect! It gives me a beautiful radiant glow that has people always asking me what kind of bronzer I wear! Not only does it have a cute leopard design but the packaging is great because of the mirror size it comes with. I recycle the case because it's too nice to throw away.

Christi T.
I love love love it!

It's such a light product. And because it has the blush and shimmer with the bronzed my makeup time is cut in half!! I always get complements from guys and girls, ilove it so much I bought some for my sister and my bestie for Christmas! Such an amazing product I'd recommend it to everyone with any kind of skin:-) ♡♥