Too Faced

Lash Injection Mascara



I got a mini of this to try out (I'm a big mascara hoarder, and I always love to try new ones) and I was left underwhelmed. I liked the idea of tubes, but the execution just didn't seem to happen. My lashes were not left looking long and volumized, but instead they were rather clumpy. It was nothing a quick brush with my lash comb couldn't fix, but I really feel like for the price, I shouldn't need to do that. I also had issues with this flaking on me if I wore it for long periods of time. I would have black flakes all over my cheeks at the end of a full work shift. My final test for a good mascara is how well it layers with others, because I love to try different combinations of mascaras. This didn't really do so well in that aspect either. It did look nice when used on top of some of my other mascaras, but it was horrible for a base coat. I will say that I liked the bristles of the brush, and I love Too Faced packaging. But all in all, I was pretty disappointed with this.

Very black formula
Nice bristles

Can be difficult to work with

Good but did not live up to the hype

It's a great product, don't get me wrong. I just wasn't a huge fan of the texture it left on my lashes. My lashes are naturally long to begin with, so it really didn't do much in terms of volume. But it didn't flake and it lasted a long time!

Meh. Disappointing.

I was really excited when sephora had the two face pack off it's 12 dollar sale. Unfortunately for me both products were a bust, I was expecting dark and dramatic and what I got was a mascara that barley puts anything on your lashes! Would definatly never but this again just trying to use it up on thoes no make up days because that's pretty much what it is......

Works Very Well, but Odd!

I really did like this product, but it was just odd when taking it off. You pretty much had to peel it off - which can feel weird at first. But overall, it was really great - I am all for a mascara that is weather/waterproof and good for my lashes at the same time. The part that I was not please about was the fact that you really couldn't reapply throughout the day. Any more than one application it would get clumpy.

Good mascara

I got a mini of this and really enjoyed it--- not sure I'd repurchase because of the price tag but I really liked it! If you like dark, waterproof mascaras this is a good purchase.

I have bought and returned every mascara there is. I finally found the one. Lash injection really infuses lashes with volume and while it lasts, it is not hard to remove with makeup remover. I had a bit of flaking but I'm convinced there isn't one out there that doesn't flake after a long day. Overall, very happy with this product


This is an awesome mascara! It made my lashes long and luscious! It clumped a little bit, but a clean mascara wand was all I needed to declump my lashes. This is definitely one of my favorite mascaras and I recommend it to anyone who wants bold and gorgeous lashes!

This was my go to mascara in high school and I haven't used it in years since then because they upped the price to $22 (it was $19 before) which sucks but I also now purchase drug store mascaras. Anyway, I loved this mascara! It made my lashes so long and thick and it was a breeze to remove. I would wear this stuff to school dances and it would for the most part last through 4 hours of sweaty dancing. It did come off a bit BUT the best part was since it is a tubing mascara it didn't look like I had raccoon eyes (some girls looked like a MESS because of their runny mascaras). I just had a few black pieces which were easy to swipe away and was not embarrassing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a high end mascara but in general I'd still recommend my drug store staples over this since it's pricey (which is why i docked it a star).

At first yes and then no

The first time a bought this mascara, I was amazed. It really did the fake eyelash effect for me. But when it was over and I went to buy another one, it was a different story. It was making so many clumps, I couldn't even put it on. I exchanged it for a Christian Dior mascara ... but it doesn't do the same effect :( I may try it again one day. I'll just make sure to open the mascara and see if there are clumps before.

This is my absolute favorite mascara!!! I already have pretty long lashes, but this makes them much more bold and thick. I will be buying more!! It is amazing!!!