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Staple product!

I was never big on lip stains and, I so happened to get this product with a bundle I had purchased. I love it, it has a nice glossy finish and the color looks amazing! I don't think it actually stains your lips, you will have to re-apply it so it can keep its intensity, but I'm totally fine with that. It wears nicely and I just love it. It's definitely one of my favorites!


So, I just received this today and I love it! The tint is just right, goes on very smooth, and you can feel the moisture right away. Now...the only thing I am a little reserved about is the is a little minty yet not too overpowering...but other than that...Good stuff! :)

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Worth every penny!

I love the color! It is just stunning! I am going to be purchasing more colors and I don't mind paying the price for a product that delivers what it says :) It smells and tastes of mint. My lips feel so soft too!


Used this lip stain for my wedding. It didn't let me down on my big day and it is now one of my faves! I'm looking foreword to buying more colors!!


I think it's good but the revlon ones are cheaper and last longer. However the colors are nice and they smell amazing!! 👍 I have 4 colors and like them a lot but for the price I don't think there worth it!

I use this every day

Truth be told when I bought this I was looking for more of a lip stain but I couldn't be happier with what I got. This is an amazing product just know that if you will likely be reapplying throughout the day, especially if your lips have a tendency to get dry. This applies like a dream. It's smooth and feels lovely on your lips. The color is great. I am not a huge fan of lipstick and lip gloss can be a pain this is my new go to lip product.

In love

These lip colors rock, and they stay all day! They moisturize your lips, provide color like a lipstick, have the longevity of a stain, and some of them have a gloss like finish! What else could you ask for?

i love tarte make up all of it is awesome really love there gel eyeliner stays on forever. there lip gloss is great too l have more oily skin and never break out from anything

Disney Princess Lips magic lip tint!

I have the shade Enchanted. I love it! I wear it over a matching rose lip liner, and it feels like lip balm on my lips. The color is a beautiful kind of Disney Princess lip color. I naturally have very pink pigmented lips, so this adds to the color. The tint or stain lasts for hours. It never feels flaky or drying. Even with drinking water throughout wearing the tint, it didn't budge. The product also lasts a long time, the money won't be wasted. I'd say the only thing that would take it off through the day is eating. I will definitely be purchasing some more shades.

A great alternative to lip balm

I love to try out lip products but, for every day use, I generally stick to lip balm. I just don't like the gunky feeling of lip stains/ lip glosses. This product is a great answer to that. I don't know that it is exactly a "stain" (it doesn't seem to stain the lips like other stains I have tried) but it does give a sheer wash of color and the moisture of a lip balm. It's great for everyday use.