Great but can get sticky

I love this stuff. It is the perfect stain for me. I can use it very lightly or make it heavier depending on the look i want. It smells great. I always get complements on it. I even bought one for my 12 year old sister, because i don't think it makes you look trashy. :)

Fake that "celebrity glow"

When I want that "Celebrity Glow" for my clients this is my go to product! A few tricks I can offer reading some of the reviews below... Apply it before your foundation to avoid the sticky feeling...apply it a little heavier then you normaly would so it shines though your foundation and if you want a little more pop of color apply some after foundation with a fluffy brush on the apples of your cheek and set it with a translucent powder, you'll look like a million bucks! :D

My favourite blush to use!!

I really love the Tarte cheek stain, I've had Blushing Bride for a few years now. I think it's a lot easier to use than powder blush, I just pat it on my cheeks, rub it in for 1 second and it looks perfect. It looks a lot more natural than powder blush as well because it blends in with your skin more.
It lasts all day for me, but the only downside to it is that it feels sticky on my face, and sometimes my hair has actually gotten stuck on it. I don't put on a lot either.

Love love love flush

I love these so much! The only thing is is they are a little difficult to blend. But that is the only problem overall super pretty colors for all skin types and they are just gorgeous! JUST REMEMBER THAT THE COLORS ARE LIGHTER ON YOUR SKIN THEN THEY SEEM! I am slightly tan and the one I use is darker then blood so just remember that


Probably one of my favorite makeup products. Looks natural, one sweep application, and glides right on. Amazing! A little messy if left in heat, but what isn't?! All in all, a great makeup product. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

"Tickled" works on everyone!

Okay, okay. This cheek stain... It's unbelievable. You can apply more for occasions, or tone it down with some powder on top. Whenever I wear this, I get compliments. And also note- although it seems dark, "tickled" is by far the most universal shade. The packaging makes it seem purpley, but it's really a nice natural pink-red-peach color. I have tried the shade on at least 5 of my friends, and it seems to work fine for them every time, and they're skin tones do vary. If you still aren't sure, try to find it at a Sephora or another makeup store where you can try it on!

Samantha A.'s Review Image

Absolutely amazing blush, and the colour is beautiful! I highly recommend it for
- Drier skin types / Combi skin with dry cheeks
- People who want long lasting blush colors
- People who want that very natural flush
- People who are fans of cream blushers in general

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Sticky on my face...

These are okay to me. I have 3 of them in natural beauty, dollface, and green siren. I am pretty yellow in skin tone and I find that the lighter shades don't show up on my face very well and are not buildable while the darker one is super easy to overdo. You have to be really careful to blend really well with the dark colors. But all of them DO give a really great glow to your face. I never use them though, because I can't stand the sticky texture on my skin! Blech. It doesn't seem to dry and I feel like if I powder it, it just gets "clumpy" looking. But in the summer weather when I don't wear foundation or a full face of makeup I find it really easy to put on plain skin and gives me a good flush and glow and that takes no time and looks natural.

Love this

I have one in blushing bride and one in true love and I love them both they give such a natural flush to your face and lasts all day you also don't need highliter with this because I feel it makes your cheeks look glowy too I recommend it if you whant a natural healthy look

Pinch Of Color!!

I love Tarte products and their cheek stains are no disappointment! It gives that perfect just pinched color and with bit of a dew. I love it, it's very natural as long as its blended well. And it's perfect for when you just want that pop of color on the go :) I also use it on my lips! But if you are planning on using any type of powder on your face do skip because it can cake a bit.