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False Eyelashes


Jennyboobunny s.
love love love it!

the best false lashes ive come across! there long yet look natural because of the over lapping lashes! Super cheap only paid $5 for them..I have wore them on several ocasions and not even my friends can tell there false..I would recomend anything by sugarpill! try it ladies i swear you will fall in love with them also!(my spelling sux lol)

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Sarah K.
MEOW MEOW huge sexy lashes!
Sarah K.'s Review Image

These lashes are huge i used them on a client in a photo shoot and everyone was blown away by there enormous beauty!

I highly recommend these high quality lashes if you wish to make a statement or go crazy for halloween or a dress up :)

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Peggy O.

I like the color of this false eyelashes when I get bored with the long false eyelashes, this can be the best choice for me. It's also make my eyes look brighter because of they have sky blue color and another color. It's also easier to open my eyes like I' not wearing false eyelashes. I really really love sugarpill cosmetics products.

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Jennifer E.
I buy them over and over
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These Lashes are hands down my fav from Sugarpill. I am able to use them at least 3 times. Love how big they make my eyes look!! Perfect for Almond shaped eyes. I have never had a pair that Shed or fell apart.

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Elizabeth L.

I am absolutely in love with these Lashes. They did not come with glue so I picked up some at my local Sephora, They look fabulous on! They are so easy to use, and you might want to cut them down cause they were a bit long, but they were so easy, They only took me about 2 minutes to apply! Make sure you let the glue get tacky before you put them on too;) They are so pretty and I can't wait to purchase more of Sugarpill lashes! :) Thanks, Beautylish, I'm obsessed! :)

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Angelina M.

Easy to apply and just the right amount of bling to be able to wear all day weather at work, school, or out at night. You dont even feel them they are so great they become part of you in a sence and such a great price cant beat it love. Must try if you get a chance

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Kellie D.
Comfortable & Daring!

I bought these lashes from the Sugarpill booth at IMATS & regret not getting more! I had to cut them to fit my eye shape, but after cutting them they were incredibly comfortable. These are some of the longest lashes I've worn; I thought that constantly seeing them in the top section of my vision would bug me, but I actually got used to it fast & at times even forgot I was wearing such ginormous lashes. They were still comfortable after 8-9 hours of wear. If you take them off gently & care for them, you can definitely get multiple uses. As long as you don't mind people in public every now & then commenting about the length of the lashes, you'll absolutely love these!

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Victoria D.
Exactly what I've been looking for.

These lashes, just, these lashes. <3 They are so perfect. I'm not a huge false lash person, but these almost spiderweb-esque lashes needed to be mine. It adds that perfect, almost creepy touch to any look. I love everything about them. They're the perfect size to make the impact you want to make with lashes like this, but lightweight enough so they don't weigh down your lids. Also extremely easy to apply for me, and I'm a false lash n00b.

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Garrick R.
full and lovely!

All are my favorite! Don't have to layer! I have been using lashes foreva! Lovem! Please try and fill me in! Sugar pill rules! I use baby shampoo to keep mine!

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Nicole L.
Add some color.

These individual eye lashes are perfect to add just the right amount of color to your eyes. Naturally, one wouldn't wear them on a daily basis..but if you've got some kind of event that calls for wild makeup--they're perfect! The only downfall is if you have very dark eyelashes, like myself, some colors get lost & you have to double-up on them.

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