Eye Shadow Pan


Love it! Must buy!

Amazing texture and pigment! Lots of color selection. Been a huge fan of these eyeshadow and of all Stila products for years. Must have for all makeup lovers. Reasonable price for high end make up

Great colors to create a neutral palette.

I really like Stila's shadows. I have 4 in various shades of brown, with Mahogany being my favorite at the moment. It's a gorgeous warm, reddish brown that looks great in the crease. I've been finding the empty palette's and refills all over the net at very cheap prices. Haute Look has been featuring Stila about every 4-5 weeks and you can get the refills and palettes for $6 each. The colors blend very nicely, but you need to use a light hand to prevent excess fallout. I hope that Stila decides to expand their colors a little more. You get a lot of product for a really great price.

Easy to wear all-over lid color

I have this product in the shade Kitten, one of Stila's best-known shades. It's a shimmery pinky nude and works great as everything from an all-over color to a highlight shade. The packaging is not to die for, it's a plain black snap-close shadow case but it feels fairly secure and durable. The product itself is a powder with a cream texture and applies easily and evenly. I love using this as an all-over lid color for everyday makeup looks.

Favourite Neutral Shimmer Eyeshadow.

Kitten is my current favourite neutral shimmer eyeshadow. It is extremely soft and the payoff is amazing. It can have a small amount of fallout but is easily cleaned up. The colour is very unique and clearly it's not just me that's in love with it. Although it is expensive, it is a large pan so you get a lot of product in there. So I believe it's worth the money. (:

I love stila an I think the prices for the pans are decent and affordable. They last long and the colors are pretty. Wish they had more colors than they have now but we shall see

Best Shade

Out of all the Stila shades Kitten is my all time fave. This is a universal shade that work on all skin tones. I usually pair it with my Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Gel in Black Mauve and it makes me eyes seriously pop.

Definitely a staple color

There's something about Kitten that is unique. I've tried out so many neutral shimmer colors but nothing is like Kitten. That is the colour I recommend if you're in the neighborhood of an $18 eyeshadow.

Very happy for the changes

I'm so glad that the packaging has changed for these products. I hated that it was in a pan. The pan made sure that we HAD to buy the palette, which was also way too expensive. I know it's a lot of color, but it's really expensive if I need only one shadow, but I have to buy a palette as well. Now that they're in compacts I feel like the products are a bit more versatile. I can finally move the products around easily. The shadow itself has nice pigmentation. I like that the shadows feel almost like butter. They go on so smoothly it almost works like a cream (without the harsh creasing). I hope they come out with more matte colors though.

Pretty Good!

I got this in my May Birchbox. I really like how it feels when you touch it, it's very soft and velvety. The color is very pigmented. This is a great highlight color but I dislike that it has shimmer in it. I dislike shimmer highlight colors. And another thing is that the powder left over goes everywhere. Other than that, it's a nice color.

Meh for how expensive it is.

It doesn't suck, but it isn't mind blowing. Plus, it's expensive. For a single pan, container sold separately, with major fallout if not used correctly - these e/s aren't really worth it in my opinion. Price: - Expensive for what it is. - For a refill alone, it costs $18 USD w/o tax. That's 4 USD+ > than a MAC e/s that does come with a container. - I can't seem to find a way to justify spending that much. I like the colour, but the packaging and the price hamper my liking. Packaging: - This is what kills me. The packaging is plastic (like that of a coastal scents hot pot) but is kept in a flimsy, cardboard casing. - These e/s are bigger than a MAC e/s so they don't fit into typical e/s palettes. - They are also not already magnetized which is odd to me because for the price they're at, they should at least have some sort of magnet. Quality & Formula: - Most, if not all, of their e/s are shimmery which is nice for people who like it, but I much prefer satin or matte colours. - Kitten is a unique colour. Beautiful, actually, but there can be quite a bit of fallout, as expected for something shimmery. - Comparable to MAC? Colour-wise - no, I think their e/s have colours not exactly like MAC and very pretty. Formula-wise - I would choose MAC e/s over this. Would I recommend it? - Yes and no, that's why it's "Meh." - Yes, because I feel that some of their colours are unique and different than other e/s. - No, because I feel that their e/s could be duplicated or are similar to other e/s and the price is ridiculous for just a refill that can't even fit into universal palettes.