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Moisture Renew Lipstick


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# 900 .. nice color

hi guys..so with these lip sticks you get smooth lips and moisturzed at the same time whilw wearing your lip stick..I find that in the Rimmel lipsticks that the color pigments are great ..you get nice true colors and for me they seem to be extremely long lasting..si I definately recommend these..and you can oftem find them on sale..almost anywhere..especially if you go to a CVS..if you have one in your area) right now 12/30/2011 they are having a wonderful sale..I got this RED ALERT for 75% off..I only paid $2.20 for this..so if your doing some lipstick hunting/shopping .. definately check your local CVS if you have one..this is certainly on my list for " BEAUTY ~ON ~A~BUDGET list ladies!!..thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts & opinions :)


WOW! It's been a while since I actually fell in love with a lipstick since MAC hue stole my heart about 6 years ago!!

This colour is amazing and has a purple...pink tint to it! Great for the holidays!

The name describes it perfectly.

I find this lipstick pigmented and moisturizing.. No complaints at all. It literally glides on your skin and doesn't give you that dryness you may experience with some lipsticks.

Trust me when I say you will love it!
The colour selection is that not that bad either.


I have this in 2 shades, Paradise and Vintage Pink. Vintage Pink is one of my favorite lip sticks ever! I would recommend these to anyone.. They are highly pigmented, they are soft and feel good on your lips. They also do not dry out your lips at all. Great to keep in your purchase!

Love this!

I was browsing the lipstick section of Walmart today and found this shade. The name of a lipstick is what normally catches my eye, as did with this one. I thought to myself, Latino, hymm sounds interesting, being that I myself am a Latina :) When I opened it up and saw the shade I was pleasantly surprised that it was a gorgeous golden undertoned pinkish/ peachy/ coral. I have been looking for a lipstick similar to this for a while, and at just about $5, this was a steal! I love how moisturizing it is as well :)


I found with this lipstick it didn't stay put on me for very long. It also leaked slightly on my lips. I thought maybe It was the colour, so I purchase a different shade & it was the same. I would not recommend.

I love this lipstick line ! I got the shade nude delight and it is the perfect nude for my skin tone. no lip balm is required because this lipstick is super moisturizing, perfect for summer or just having a girls night out. I usually apply lip gloss over my lipstick but since this lipstick is super moisturizing it gives a glossy finish. its affordable, pigmented and soft, what else can you ask for ? the only down side is its not long lasting because its so moisturizing it slides off easily.

Very moisturizing

Love this lipstick and it's one of the best nudes out there. My lips are not drying after wearing this lipstick but instead feel better. They have a pretty good range and I am excited to try more.

The perfect nude color

This is the perfect nude color that does not make you look dead. It has a peachy/pinkish color with a nude tint to it. I love how it isn't a matte lipstick and how moisturizing it is. This is the best nude lipstick I have by far.


I really like this lipsick its very moisturizing and has great color payoff!!!! Also the packaging is totally gorgeous, the purple is stunning!!! I'm definitely going to be picking up more!!!

I was enticed by the cute purple packaging to try these lipsticks out. I grabbed Rose Blush, which is a lovely MLBB shade. The name accurately describes the shade-its a dark, dusty rosy pink. It feels like a dream going on: opaque, smooth, no settling in lip lines or bunching.

However, this happened to actually be drying on my lips by the time the product wore off-which was only after 3 hours! It had already faded after one and was stainlike by the 2nd. The lipstick completely vanished by hour 3. However, it faded evenly.

And while the packaging is, in my eyes, cute, it feels very light and cheap in my hand. I fear that this may be crushed easily if one were to travel with it, or cracked/broken if it were to accidentally drop.

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