Super Lustrous Lipstick


My go to for dramatic, statement lips!

I love this shade and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks, in general. Black Cherry is the perfect shade for those edgy, gothy and dramatic lips. In the bullet, Black Cherry is a deep, almost maroon black. When swatched and when worn, it is a deep, wine red, on the cooler side. This is the perfect lipstick to go over black lipliner for a really deep color, or to top a lipliner in a similar hue. Add a touch of shadow or gloss over the lipstick for added shimmer and shine, or blot it for a more matte look. Press it into the lips in small coats, building up the color for a more lip stain look. I love this color when doing dramatic, theatrical, goth inspired looks- or vintage, 30's, Parisian looks. Its hipster fabulous and just all around vampy. For one color, it has so many makeup look uses! I don't recall any significant dried out lips and the formula is silky, spreadable and creamy. Pair it with a balm, over and under the lipstick for added moisture and a subtle sheen. You don't need to look to higher end brands for a deep, rich, black cherry shade- this one's a gem hidden right in your local drugstore! This is a must have lipstick shade! I'm planning to use this as a cheek color.

Pretty amazing lipstick.

I have a few shades of these lipsticks. They never fail to come out looking wonderful! They're very moisturizing and very pigmented. No matter what shade I pick up I'm never disappointed with these lipsticks.


This lipstick is amazing! Its creamy and makes my lips feeling soft. It's also long-lasting and doesn't chap my lips. I would recommend this for people who tend to have dry and chap lips. This lipstick moisturizes my lips, so you don't need to wear any lip balm underneath. It is definitely my favourite drugstore lipstick, and I'll definitely repurchase it! :)


I love these I own quite a few of them I like to use a pencil underneath just to make sure they stay put because these do tend to come off I wish they had a better wear...I love that they have matte, creme, and I think pearl I'm not sure if there's anymore I can't remember but they have a lot of color selections from reds to nudes to purples and so on.


So i have three of these and they are by far better than high end lipsticks in my opinion. i got black cherry and i was so happy they were in stock in target so i got it and man it stays on so good i will buy this until i die

all-time fav lipstick.

Great shade which is a mix of red and brown. Its a nice day lipstick. I would not wear it at night to a pub but if it was a dinner party maybe.

My Favorite Red Lipstick.

I can not explain to you how much I love this shade. Its so beautiful, neither dark nor bright. its a beautiful red that gives you a light sophisticated look. I wore this for my graduation.


Coralberry really is a vibrant, rich coral. There's a touch of sheerness in the formula, and your natural lip color may alter the hue. My pinker lips brought out the rosier elements to this shade. It looks orange and bright in the tube, but it's just attention-grabbing enough for day wear.

The formula is stellar. This went on smooth and creamy without accentuating lip lines or imperfections. It dried down to a matter texture throughout wearing, but it never dried out my lips or felt uncomfortable to wear. By the time this wore off, my lips were in good condition and my lips didn't flake or peel.

These come in plastic standard twist-up tubes. There is no scent or taste. These lipsticks have a clear window in the top of the cap that let you see the color inside. There's also a sticker on the bottom that identifies the color and formula (coralberry is a creme). These are easily-accessible and sell for about $7 USD.

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I bought this because it was on sale and I needed a new pink lipstick, I wasn't expecting it to be too good but it's me new favorite lipstick! The packaging is cute I like how you can see the color thru the top. It lasted almost all day and didn't dry out my lips which happens a lot with lipsticks!


The name says it all. I love this color. Its a very bold and bright Red. It has more of an orange tone but looks amazing when you put it on. You don't have to use chapstick or anything before or afterwards because it has built in moisture! I love this color! I was a little scared at first because of my skin tone but it looks great. I will upload a pic soon!