3D Extreme Mascara – Black

Create longer, thicker lashes using 3D Extreme Mascara by Revlon.


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Elize M.
Elize M.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Medium; Sensitive, Combination

Hair: Brown; Normal

Disappointment is an understatement

Where to begin. Reading the packaging "3D Extreme Mascara" you're thinking BIG, FULL, LONG lashes or at least one of those. Sad to say, you get none of these benefits with this mascara. I dont know if its the formula or the wand but the biggest fail for me was the wand. It is EXTREMELY SMALL. By small, you can't even tell that there are bristles. I have a photo attached that isnt the clearest but you can tell the drastic difference between wand size. The BOTTOM is The Revlon & The TOP is Maybelline's Turbo Volume Express, which I don't even use but for purposes of comparing wands, I used it for the photos. The Maybelline is an average size not too big not too small. Im not a fan of small wands but if it works, great! This did not! My lashes looked so-so and I had to reapply SO many times to get it to be just that. All in all a complete FAIL. I wouldnt even give this 1 star.