Physicians Formula

Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum


my main go-to eyeliner

i love this eyeliner; have it in Black & Brown. they're both great.. as good as Lorac front of the line eyeliner... but it's half the price.. and I use it all the time.

don't give a $h!t if it makes my eyelashes fuller..... it's just a great eyeliner.


I can't give a review about the lash growth yet (I will review it on my blog after 2 weeks of use) but I can tell you that the liner itself is really impressive! It's super easy to use and you can get a really fine point, so it's great if you wing your eyeliner. It is a glossy black, which I do like but I would like a matte black option. It really is water resistant and it does not takes some scrubbing to get it off. I am really liking this product! I've been using it for a week now and have taken picture of my lashes at the first day of use and I took some at the 1 week mark. I am excited to see if my lashes are growing hehe. Definitley a good buy.


This is the only liquid liner I've ever been able to use. The slim pen-like applicator is super easy to use and the formula is really smudge-proof! You can get a really precise line (and I have shaky hands). I like to use it to fill in between my upper lashes (on the lash line) to make my lashes look thicker and fuller. Love that it's also making them grow too!

My hg liquid liner

This is the most amazing liner. My wings turn out perfect every time! It glides across my lid smoothly, and the color is completely opaque. I havent really noticed my lashes growing or becoming thicker, but thats not why I bought it, so it doesnt affect me at all. But, I would reccomend this product to anyone, it really is perfect.

I really love the applicator on this liner. It's basically a brush, but is very, very thin and firm, so it's super easy to get a precise, thin line and a clean, crisp wing. The Ultra Black color is definitely quite black, and the formula dries pretty quickly once applied.

I don't notice a difference in my lashes, but I only bought mine as an eyeliner, so it's not a drawback for me.

Almost always stays in place perfectly until you take it off.

This is the best eyeliner I have ever used. It's really dark, dries almost instantly, and unless your eyes water or you are crying, etc. it will stay in place perfectly until I take it off. And even if your eyes do water and it does come off, it just mostly disappears instead of smearing all over your eyes and making you look scary. Also, it takes like forever to run out. I just bought my second thing of it today because the first one finally is drying out after having it more than six months. Another thing, I use the thicker version of this. It's the same thing just this is more pen size and the one I have is more marker size.

I think that I've been using this eyeliner for about six or seven months now and I have to say that it's definitely my holy grail. I used cream liners for a long time, and still do, but I find that they require a lot more effort then I'm willing to put in after doing a full eyeshadow look. I was using Maybelline's Line Stiletto for months, but once I discovered this, it was all over. This stuff is super black, and the brush tip makes it so easy to apply. The tip of it is really fine, so it's easy to create any sort of line that you want, especially the perfect winged liner. On my super oily eyelids, this eyeliner doesn fade throughout the day, so I would recommend putting a primer underneath. Also, it doesn't dry matte so if that is the desired finish that you want, you'll have to set it with black eyeshadow (though it doesn't really bother me so I never do). I'm not sure that I've ever noticed any difference in my lashes since I started using this liner, but I honestly don't even care, I just love this eyeliner for how easy it is to apply and how good it looks! Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a super black, super easy to apply liquid liner that lasts all day.


I had this liquid liner long time ago. It was recommended by a friend of mine. I decided to give it a try, cause hey, it's by Physicians Formula. But once I tried it on, it didn't come out so black and it was too liquidy. :/ I continued using it until it dried out or couldn't draw anymore. In the packaging, I believe it said in a couple of weeks my lashes would grow or something, but I didn't really notice a change throughout time. Whenever I'd have to use the liquid liner, I had to brush through the cap to release some product (kind of hard to explain what I did), but sometimes it still wouldn't work.

Love it!

I've only been using this for just a little over a week, so I haven't yet noticed any changes in my eyelashes. However, I really love how easy this is to apply. The color is great (ultra black) and dries very quickly.

I'm not sure if it's because I accidentally jabbed the little brush on the cap it was working great the first few days I got it...but then jammed it into something and ever since it hasn't been working well. But I still love it , I might buy another one just to keep for on the go.