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Nail Lacquer


Krystal C.'s Review Image
Not as pigmented as I assumed

The bottle is clean and simple like most of their packaging tends to be, this I love - I'm a sucker for simple packaging. After opening the bottle, I immediately noticed the wand is really long, and the brush seems to be normal, just a bit longer than your standard brush. After I began applying the polish to my nails, the brush fans out extremely wide, almost as wide as my nail bed. The brush holds a lot of polish even after scrapping it off a few times in the bottle's lip, and after applying a few strokes, the polish begins falling down the stem to the brush and you end up with globs of polish dropping onto your nail - pretty much you have to swirl the wand in the bottle before pulling it out to avoid over-applying.

Then I noticed the formulation is quite thin, to the point that I needed to apply 3 generous coats to get it 100% opaque, and the polish kept streaking. Pretty much, my experience was so bad that after spending forrreverrr on my right hand, I opted to quit, not even waste my time on the left hand. I photographed it and quickly removed the polish, which was still tacky from all the coats I had to apply. The description for this polish on the OCC site just says "satin" so I assumed this was an opaque polish because it didn't really specify.

I am tempted to purchase other shades/finishes to see if it was just the bottle I got, or all their polishes are this quality.

Photo attached is of the shade Something

Love this bright color!

I happen to love OCC. Their colors are always vibrant and fresh. I am wearing wasabi this week on just my ring finger. I have gotten so many compliments so far. The consistency of the polish is great. I love that it is opaque with just one coat. You will be in love.

Best white polish!

I love the OCC polishes! They're just as pigmented as the rest of their products. Feathered doesn't yellow and you only need 2 coats to make it super opaque. Such a steal for $10!


I get a million compliments whenever I wear "Pool Boy". The polish does not goop up, and goes on smoothly. Some of the shades you can get away with just one coat, others require too. Like the formulation and that's it's vegan, BUT because it's vegan, I've found that it doesn't contain the formaldehyde some polishes do that keep the color from turning a weird gray on top, if the sun hits it too often. All you have to do to remedy this is purchase a UV top coat to use on top of the polish.

Lucinda R.'s Review Image
The Way. The Truth. And the Life.

Is there a colour more gorgeous than Technopagan? I'm not sure there is. If you're bout that duochrome life you need this. It really is that simple. The OCC polish bottles are great shape which look very pretty on nail racks...but back to the colour; top this with your most shiny top coat and you will feel some type o' way.

Myrna P.'s Review Image

I love OCC Lip Tars and couldn't wait to try out the nail polishes. I decided to try out one of their nail polishes that I purchased with a Sephora Gift card. I bought Chlorophyll and I love it! Everyone compliments me on the color. The only downside is that I find it hard to pay more than $5-$6 for a nail polish. If I really like the color, I will buy it.

Not Bad!

I've been wanting to try these forever, and I finally got my hands on some! I find that they apply crazy smoothly, application is a breeze with these. Sometimes I can get away with just one coat, but other times I require two for a completely opaque color. The colors they have available are just so gorgeous and unique! I will definitely be purchasing more OCC nail lacquers!

I love these nail paints, their unique finishes, they match the occ lip tars & I love that they are vegan!

These nail paints have a jelly like finish. I find that they mimic gel nails. That being said, they aren't creamy and super opaque, but that is part of their charm. Most of these if not all are paired up with a matching OCC Lip Tar.


nice color,strong pigmentation but the color is to pale ..the price is high for just a little nail polish.A good product on the market but have some imperfections ..this silver nail polish should be less then 10$ and be more around 6 or 7$

Gorgeous color, maybe a little bit thick

I got this polish because I love the color but didn't think I'd have the guts to wear the lip tar. The color awesome, great metallic blue that looks more purple in sunlight. I did get some bubbling, which I don't normally have a problem with, but it might just have been me (I did do them on my nightstand while in bed, technique may have been compromised). Definitely happy with it and will be checking out other OCC nail polishes.