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Lip Tar


Pigmented, beautiful colors, but buy one or two instead of all of them

These colors are beautiful, I recommend NSFW and Anime especially. However, because these products are vegan and without preservatives, the oils in this WILL go rancid. All 25 of mine have gone rancid, making them gross and smelly and patchy TT_TT. So buy one or two that you really really love, and use them up as quick as possible.

Luna V.'s Review Image

I've heard this product called "over-hyped" before, and I can only assume that those people have never actually tried Lip Tar. Anything you hear is completely true: yes, the colours are brilliant; yes, they last all day; yes, a little goes a very long way! At this point in time, I have about a dozen of these and desperately need more. It takes less than seed-sized amount to coat the entire lips with bold, vibrant colour. Once dry, they last me about five hours, even through eating and drinking. Since they contain peppermint oil, they don't seem to dry my out the way a lot of liquid lipsticks do but I often put a sheer balm over the top just to seal in moisture. They also function well as bases for lipsticks to really amp up the colour. Using my usual makeup remover (jojoba oil), they come off easily. The best feature of Lip Tars, however, is the blendability. The colours are gorgeous on their own, but it's absolutely effortless to darken, lighten, cool down, warm up, or create brand new colours by mixing them together. It's particularly helpful when trying to match a lipstick colour that might apply a bit more sheer. Photo shows Anime, a hot--almost neon--pink.

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love this stuff

I have this lip tar and it is some serious stuff, super potent. It is very true to color and highly pigmented, all you need is a tiny drop for full coverage. Its like a mix between a gloss and a stain in its consistency and it dries to a somewhat matte finish. Only thing is that you really need to blot after applying cause it will end up all over your teeth and chin.

Multi-use, staple in my MUA kit

An absolute favorite of mine. I use the Clear to prime lips to hydrate and prevent other Lip Tars from feathering/bleeding. Muli-use product. Can be used on lips, mixed together to create custome colors, as cheek tint, lip tint if dabbed with fingers while you pucker lips, the ones that are lighter shades with shine can be used to highlight cheeks, bridge of nose, can be used as an eyeshadow base for photoshoots, can use the clear for a "wet" eye shadow look. I love this, a little goes a long way. Super long wear.

Syreeta H.'s Review Image
LOVE THEM Very Photo Friendly!!!

If you are shooting a video or having pictures taken, this is the lip product to use!!! Use a good lip conditioner, especially if your lips feather easily before applying for the best results. I first bought these in Plum and Vintage. At first I was apprehensive about the lip tars, because I underestimated how highly pigmented these actually were!!! However, the colors mix easily with each other, your lipliner and lipstick so well you can create endless shade possibilities. I am actually wearing Plum in my profile pic and have used it in several of my tutorials on Youtube. Plum was actually lighter (or pinker) than what I thought it would be for my complexion, but I just line it with a deep plum liner and blend the liner inwardly to create a beautiful shade! I could also see using these with MAC Clear Lipglass for a pretty gloss. The OCC website has a promo going on right now through 7/29/11 where they are set of 6 of the lip tars (colors are in pre-selected) for $50! I've ordered 10 altogether, so that I may play with these colors further. LOVE!!!

Totally worth it!

Great product. I a little goes a long way. I enjoy mixing the lip tars and creating new colors. For a more precise application use a lip brush and build from there. After I apply the lip tar, I hydrate my lips with vaseline or chapstick and you are good to go.

One of my Favourite Lipsticks of all time

I absolutely love this lip-tar. It is absolutely stunning. I get so many compliments when I wear it and is extremely long lasting even through eating and drinking. The pigmentation is out of this world and I love that this product is going to last for such a long time since you just need a little bit of it. Use a lip brush and you are good to go! I have written a blog post about my experience with lip-tars check it out! http://nopainnobeauty.blogspot.ca/2013/04/oh-la-la-product-rave-obsessive.html


This product was eh to me. I expected it to be way better than it was from all the hype I had read. It does only take a tiny amount to cover my lips with good pigment and easy to control, but it didn't stay on as well as I had been led to believe. I have to reapply this multiple times through the night to keep the pigment, but my lips also end up slightly stained for the next few days. It is all a little drying. I would like to try this in a red though, I am not giving up hope yet.

One Little Tube - So Versatile

I'm someone who likes a bold lip - I don't think that would come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. But as a makeup artist I know that not every client has the same desire. I love that OCC has mastered offering a SUPER wide color range and that the finishes can be so versatile in application. For a bold lip you can apply a lot of product with a heavy hand and it will stay while still looking fresh and supple or you can use just a tiny amount to rub into the lips for a stained or bee-stung look. You can even take a bit and apply to the cheeks for a soft blush on the apples of the cheeks when going for a night on the town and can only bring lipstick and a compact. Brilliant.

Life changing

I am now in love with this product! I used it for the first time last friday when I had ladies night! it stayed on all night! i didnt have re apply at all! To show how good it works I woke up the next morning with it still on! It comes in a variety of different colors. This color is really nice and very pigmented! It is very similar to mac's girl about town so you can pair the two together but it is not really needed!I reccommend for everyone to go and try it