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Palest yellow-based skintone


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Victoria D.
Victoria D.
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Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair; Combination

Hair: Auburn; Normal

Wanted to love this so much!

I love OCC, and the shade range of these concealers had me drooling. I'm extremely, EXTREMELY fair, and when I saw a shade match, I knew I wanted it. I waited and waited until I finished my last concealer, and purchased it. That was about where the excitement ended unfortunately.
I was so excited to use this because I've heard amazing things about it, and I have very dark circles under my eyes, so I thought this would be a miracle worker. Nope. The texture is very thick and dry, which is good in a concealer, but trying to use and blend it on the delicate under eye area was very rough. Once I got it how I wanted it to look, I'd pass by a mirror in an hour or two and notice all the product had collected in the fine lines and pores in my undereye area. And since it's such a stiff product, it wasn't just a 'blot and blend and good to go' fix.
I've tried applying this with a sponge, a damp sponge, a brush, my fingers, everything. I cannot make it work for what I need it for.
On a plus side, it does work great for a facial concealer, but I don't suffer from acne a lot, so I really don't get my money's worth from buying this product.