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Alright for the price..i suppose.

I heard great things about these powders. Im just not pushed entirely. I find the tubs are so difficult to use when i tip some product onto a palette it flys everywhere. I need products that work well and are easy to use and this just dosent cut it. I feel every time i use this it needs a base,a colour base and to be applied with water which can leave the eyes over loaded with mess. I cant complain about the price as it is so affordable i just wish they would be in little shadow pots instead of tubes with tiny necks..

Not in love

To be honest, I don't care for these. I don't think the pigmentation is great. I think they dispense horribly. These are hard to use. I don't recommend them, and they are all really glittery, and don't stay on the lid after application.

with glitter glue these are amazing!

I think NYX glitters are Amazing! They are so festive for new years as well. I think when they are applied with glitter glue they become more pigmented. I love that you can wear them alone or over shadow! I'm definitely sporting these for new years.

Would be better with a different container

I love these products but the container makes it really difficult to use. If you use a little brush then you have to keep going back for more but if you use a big brush you can't get any out. And if you pour the product out you just end up with a huge mess. I've had better luck with these when I use a mixing medium or water rather than using them dry. But the only problem i have is that darn container!

Cheapest true orange you will find anywhere.

It is really hard to find a true orange that does not turn yellow or brown when you place it on your lids. This one really is an orange. I guess its named fanta after the orange soda? Its literally an orange soda shade of orange, bright and true.

If you don't like the bottle they come in, its not a big deal, just empty them into a jar. Honestly, I wish more companies used these bottles because its a pain to depot and crush shadows if you like them in loose form like I do, and I really really hate sifters. I feel like I waste more trying to sprinkle them in the lid, so this works better for me, I just put some in my stackable jars and save the rest in the bottle in my beauty overstock.

Eye Bling

Love it.... I love everything that sparkles, glitters and shimmers. You can add it to an eyeliner or to an eye shadow. It's great for those special occasions when you just want to add some Bling to your look!


I love these loose glitter pigments, but they don't stay. I have tryed weting my brush with with eyeshadow setting spray but most of them still fall off. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the glitter to stay on?

Love it

I have this in charcoal and the color is perfect for dramatic looks. I like to use it when I go out at night. A little goes a long way and takes a bit of blending but it's still easy to use. Since it's a loose pigment you have to be careful not to get it all under your eyes and such. I take a bit and dab my brush on a tissue before applying!

Totally pops my brown eyes

love this make my brown eyes pop when I use of color. It is so easy to use weather it is on top of an eye base primer or it goes on beautiful either way by it self alone.


I'm somewhat inexperienced with loose powder so I haven't found the best ways to use this yet. It is super glittery and pigmented. I like to put a little at the inner corner of my eyes and I have never experienced fallout.