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Liquid Lip Shine


Sticky all day!!

I have two and they're ok. I'm not a huge fan of gloss and the aware no exception to that. The shimmer is nice, the colors are gorgeous, and the smell is divine! However, they are not pigmented at all giving more of a sheen then any real color and they stay sticky all day!!! I hate that feeling of everything sticking to my lips or them sticking together as I talk. I'm very much in a love hate relationship with these glosses. I want to adore them but I haut can't

Pretty good!

Perfect nude tone to add with or without lipstick. Great consistency, great applicator. Comes off a little too quickly, but manageable! May need a few reapplications throughout the day, but overall a great everyday lip gloss.


It looks great, stays on, smells amazing, has a great little applicator, and there is a ton in it for less than two dollars at Walmart!! This is my favorite everyday lipgloss.

Beautiful Color!

This color is such a beautiful wine color! It goes perfectly with a winged eyeliner look! It was recommended by emilynoel83 on YouTube, and u just bought it a few days ago and I LOVE it!

I Love!!!!!!!

I bought this a couple weeks ago and I tried it out and it had the most shine and tint ever. I loved it so much. I can't wait to use this product during school Definitely recommend this product.

I received this lipgloss in my Holiday VoxBox 2012! and I love this lipgloss it is very thin not thick and chunky. I wore this lipgloss to a party and It wears very well the shade is gorgeous and wearable. I purchased a try it kit from smashbox and the lipgloss is similar in shade to the nude york city and let me tell you the smashbox lipgloss is horrible it is chuncky, too glittery and i will never buy another lipgloss from them again! I love this lipgloss!!

I absolutely love this gloss. I received it about a year back from Influenster to review and I have to say that I was not disappointed. You can wear this shade in many different ways, the gloss is a bit thick but that is okay because a little ends up going a long way. The color is sheer and has glitter in it but the glitter is pretty subdued, which I like. Overall I think this is a great product.

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Pretty good for about $3!

For a gloss, this Liquid Lip Shine is decent, it's a bit thinner than the glosses I own in my collection (Bath and Body Works, MAC, Revlon, etc.) but still has that stickier consistency. I'm actually pretty disappointed in it, mainly because I received a nude shade, and I always feel nude glosses are a waste of money because you can just buy a clear gloss and get the same effect. This gloss feels comfortable to wear, it applies smoothly and lasts a few good hours before wearing away. The shade, like I mentioned, I'm not a fan of, but I checked online and they offer many other shades that, for around $2.50ea, I would most likely try out.
The wand on this gloss is similar to my Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss, but a tad bit longer. It's very flexible, so you don't need to press hard to apply the color - it bends very easily. I'm actually not a fan of these types of wands, but it still works fine - that's just my own personal preference.
Overall, I think this gloss is pretty good for being a "lower-end" brand and only costing you about $2.50 per gloss. It's lasts quite a while, it's SUPER shiny, and it doesn't have that cheap-cosmetics-scent or flavor. I plan on picking up a few of the brighter shades next time I'm at the store, I would love to try Fashion Avenue Fuchsia for sure!

My New Favorite!!

I received "Nude York City" (582) in my Influenster Vox Box like many others and simply fell in love with the color payoff and the texture of the gloss. I quickly went out and purchased Brighton Beach Peach (575), Honey on the Hudson (584), Midtown Mulberry (581), Fashion Avenue Fuchsia (579), Big Apple Spice (588), Wine n Dine (587) and Prospect Pink (576). I purchased Rivington Rose (580), however, I think I left it on the countertop in the hotel my husband and I recently visited for our 2nd honeymoon. With a purchase of a new Rivington Rose and adding the City's Clear (574), my collection will be complete and I will make certain that I keep backups.

I love these lipglosses so much that I am offering a full set as a prize for the 50th subscriber to my YouTube channel.

In "Nude York City"

The shade of this lipgloss I got in my Influenster Vox Box is #582 “Nude York City”, and its basically a nude/peach color. Although it looks darker in the tube, its almost clear when you apply it (hence the fact that its a “nude” shade)…there is only a tiny tinge of peach color, which reminds me of the Maybelline Baby Lips balm in the shade “Peach Kiss”. Personally, I really love the color of this gloss even though it is barely noticeable. I’m definitely glad I got this color because I’m all about nude shades as opposed to super bright lip color.

The texture of this gloss is very rich and super moisturizing (it contains Vitamin E), and it lasts a long time too! Its also not sticky at all, and smells really nice! And of course, it makes your lips super shiny. At first I found the applicator kind of weird becaues its a doe-foot but straight, but I’ve grown to love it.

Overall, this is a great gloss and I would love to try more colors. And you really can’t beat the price!