Moisture Shine Lip Gloss


Nancy-Lee C.
This gloss puts $40 products to shame.
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I saw the berry pink and was so skeptical I had to put it to the test. I have purchased pink drugstore glosses before and have been pretty put off by the quality - or lack there of. I was prepared for a past experience let down but was hoping *New!* meant 'better'!

It did. This gloss came shrink-wrapped for your (my) protection, so I knew it was not sampled by another customer (eww!) The clear vessel allows you to see how much product is remaining. It is long and thin, it can easily be tucked inside your makeup bag.

The applicator is very comfortable, it feels like terry. It pulls a decent amount of product and delivers smoothly. I found the gloss to be extremely comfortable. Rich in colour and consistency this gloss is NOT sticky, does not gum up nor will it feather or feel like it is running off of your mouth.

In the past drugstore pink lipsticks and glosses have turned 5 shades brighter and run off of my lips and leave me looking like I put my gloss on driving down the 101. Not this gloss.

I apply gloss to my bottom lip first and redipped once to apply to my top lip. I rubbed my lips together and was shocked at how moisturizing it felt - the way I wished CoverGirl's ShineBlast felt. The coverage is moderate-fair but not as opaque a lipstick. The shine is amazing. Not glitter, just glam.

After 30 minutes, I still had almost all of the gloss that I applied, on. The colour was still true and it had not started to feather. Wow. By the first hour, the same results. Hour 2, I could still feel product and hour 3 I reapplied. I had 1 cup of coffee during this process.

I will buy more of these. I highly recommend this gloss and can not wait to sample other shades. I would replace any Premier brand with this gloss. You will not be disappointed.

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