Micro Mist Tanning Sunless Spray


Samantha S.

Not the best. But, it went on clear, which was so scary because I couldn't tell if it was on, or off, or if it was smudged. But, I rubbed it in well and left it on over night. It was a bit sticky and had a smell in the morning but I was tan! Not orange. Very olive and brown based tan. I will really repurchase this, I just wish it wasn't in such a small amount. I do notice it's a different formula and package from the image shown here.

Bria K.

so i just tried this on a patch of skin to see how it sprayed and what it looked like before I went all the way with this product. I can't decide if I want to use it all over. It's looking like I put a ton of orange based bronzer on. Not like I got a tan

Angela V.

goes on like an airbrush wasn't what I would describe this.. It was more like goes on like a spray can and ends up making you look orange... Please come up with something that looks tanned