Sheer Lipstick


Damaris C.'s Review Image
Bold & Bright

I love this lipstick in the bold bright shade "Schiap". This color caught my eye about three years ago while I was working a C.O. Bigelow store event in Chicago. One of the makeup artists was using this on a customer and I practically ran her over to find out what shade it was. Needless to say I left the store that day with "Schiap" in hand. It is definitely a statement maker and I love that the formula doesn't dry out my lips. And three years later it's still one of my faves.

Nars "Schiap" Lipstick

Another really great pink lipstick by nars is the color Schiap. I refer to it as the pink version of a great red color. It's so bold. You will definitely get noticed wearing this. It's SO pink. It takes a bold person to wear this. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin and it looks good. I've used it on people who are olive and darker skinned and it looked good on them as well. I love it. If you want something bold and you stay away from reds, I would highly recommend this color.


I LOVE this color (Roman Holiday). It's a great pink. I use it and then I put the Smashbox smile whitening lipgloss over it and it's gorgeous. The smashbox gloss adds a little sparkle and makes it pop. It's a perfect pink.

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Gorgeous Nude/Pink!

I got this NARS lipstick a few weeks ago. But, have been wearing it every other day since I did. I love that these NARS lip sticks are sheer (like the name suggests) but they are easily buildable. Cruising is a beautiful everyday color. That can be worn with very bold makeup or it can just make a neutral look very clean and sleek! The packaging is the standard NARS packaging. I love that it feels sturdy and secure so I do not have to worry about the top coming off if I throw it in my hand bag while I am out for the day. The wear time is very nice with this lipstick. As far as formulation I love it! This lipstick never leaves me with a dry sensation as the day progresses. It goes on smooth and I do not even apply a balm underneath it.

Belle de Jour

I picked this up because its what Kim Kardashian recommended for perfect nude lips. I have to agree, it is a beautiful nude lip color and in my opinion, its perfect with NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss over it, just to soften it up a bit, give it some color and not make myself look flushy or dead. Its a matte finish, so be sure to use chapstick before applying to avoid dryness, its also long lasting up until you eat or drink.


Love Nars lipsticks. super long lasting, nice fragrance and colors are very sheer. Can suggest to everyone. Nars lipstick are mine top 5 along with CHANEL, Dior, YSL. I normally wear Nars when i need long lasting affect and cant put on lipstick pretty often. Truly love them

Perfect for Women of color

I was looking for the right pink lipstick that wouldn't be TOO pink and I could wear everyday. I found exactly what I was looking for with Dolce Vita. I always have trouble with pink tones because if they have too much white in them, they tend to look ashy on darker complexion. And if they have too much red then they can appear too much like makeup and less natural. The lipstick glides on very smoothly and maintains the moisture (unlike a lot of lipsticks I've tried) This is the first NARS lipstick I've tried and I'm sure I'll be using this color for years to come.

If I could only have ONE lipstick

I am constantly asked "what's your favorite [insert type of beauty product]" and I rarely can choose just one. If for some reason the world became this awful place where I was only allowed ONE lipstick to wear any day, on any occasion, NARS Belle De Jour would be it hands down. It's the perfect nude for a fairer skin type as it's not too pink, not too brown...not too sheer not too matte...all around perfection.


Always love NARS lipstick because it's very pigmented! It kinda makes your lips dry though, but you only need to wear lip balm a couple of minutes before then it'll be fine. The only nagging problem is it's not very long lasting, so you need to reapply it every 3-4 hours.

I can't, -- the smell.

Everything about the lipstick is right but the smell. If NARS can get the smell together I'm all over this. The container is so simple chic and the color was amaze but the smell was nausea taunting me. It's creamy and pretty opaque.