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Jen C.
Jen C.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan; Oily

Hair: Brown; Coarse, Oily

Look bright eyed and awake, even if you don't feel like it!

I was looking for a flesh-colored eye liner pencil for my waterline to look more awake. I owned a cheap white eyeliner, but the contrast was fake looking. I came across this at Sephora and I love it, of course. The color is a yellow toned beige, which suits me just fine. The pencil itself is smoothe, creamy, and pigmented, exactly what you'd expect from a $23 eyeliner. It definitely lives up to its claim of being long-wearing, for the most part. Its glides nicely on the waterline and doesn't tug of irritate my eyes much. I like having eyeliner on my waterline, but I have very sensitive eyes, so I hardly put any liner on my waterline because of that. So I appreciate that I can wear this without feeling like there's poison on my eyeballs. :)