Superstay 24 Hour Makeup



* Long lasting!
* No touch ups needed.
* Matte finish.
* Inexpensive and easily accessible at many drugstores!
* Oil-free will not cause break outs.
* Incredibly coverage! Hides my acne scars very well!

* I don't have a shade that really matches my skin tone. I wish they had a larger array of colors for those with yellow undertones.
* This foundation dries quickly so you have to work fast when applying the foundation.

I ended up not using this product though I like it. I just can't find a shade that matches my skin and finding the right shade is very important.

Any of you gals a MAC NC30, if so what shade do you use?


I've had this foundation for some time already so I don't know exactly the price of this product. If I had to guess maybe it's around $8-10 in Wal-Mart. This foundation is great for those outings when you're going to be outside sweating bullets. I recently went to an amusement park and I just wanted to put on a little makeup but I was afraid that anything I put on my face will cake up and make splotches. However, I took a big risk on my Super Stay Foundation in True Beige and it worked! After I cleaned/moisturized my face I applied this foundation with my hands and added powder to my T-zone. I applied the makeup at 8 AM and I got home around 7 PM. While I was in the amusement I was sweating and I got wet from the rides. The few things I really like about this foundation are: 1) It's affordable. Who doesn't like a cheap foundation?! 2) The coverage is great! Medium to heavy coverage. 3) The name doesn't lie, it's a super stay foundation. 4) When I get a little sweaty, I use a tissue to dab off the oil on my face and the foundation doesn't transfer in the tissue. It stays on your face! 5) It doesn't cake up on your face (keep in mind that you have to apply it lightly) and 6) After a few hours, I don't feel like there's a heavy gunk on my face. The consistency of the foundation is thick so yeah you'll feel a little bit of it after a few hours but hey you still get coverage and you look great! :)

In Love

After searching looking at all the Drug store foundations I heard great reviews on last week and not being able to find a good colour match I finally found this one & after 1 use I was in love. Might even like it more then my Nars. Has great coverage but not cakey, works well on my dry skin and lasts all day:)


I really love this foundation. This foundation lasts all through out the day for me. I love the coverage- it's medium to full coverage- and it covers up all my acne scarring. I've been searching for a foundation that will really cover up my scarring, and this does the trick. BUT, the shade I got, the lightest one they have, was too dark for my skin. I am very light skinned, and this makes me look tan/orange. I really wish that this foundation matched my skin tone, because I really love it.


I think the way the liquid looks decieves a lot of people. I always chose a foundation that's a shade lighter then I really am. I did that, but it was too dark. Anyways, at least it didn't make me break out and it was good coverage, but it wasn't heavy

Exceptional Foundation!

I really like this foundation for my oily skin. Although it doesn't last as long as it claims, I find I have to touch up fewer times a day. The coverage is medium to full, and I usually apply two layers. It dries super fast and stays in place which I love. Overall great product for drugstore foundation.

I love it

I used to try a new foundation every time I ran out because I was never able to find anything I was completely happy with (I'm a little picky) but I definitely fell in love with this product and have repurchased it, and am planning to buy it again. It stays put all day, blends out to looking very natural, and has really great coverage. It doesn't sink into pores or make me break out, although I do need a bit of powder over the top for shine. Great buy!


kkeepn mind, I have extremely oily skin.
full coverage
long lasting
flawless finish
doesn't shift/stays put

not enough shades (I tried 3 different shades and couldn't find one that matched my undertone. I'm a nc35 in MAC and 128 in MUFE HD foundation)
my oil seeped out about 2 or 3 hours later. however, the foundation didn't move, it just looked really greasy. I don't like this, but it could easily be fixed with some blotting or powder.

I love this foundation, I just wish it had more shades. it might be better for someone with combo skin to use during the summer, but for me or someone with severe oil, it would be my winter foundation.

I have this and it covers very well. Freckles, acne, scars. But I feel like it's cakey and noticeable that you're wearing it. It might be just my skin but who knows! Also, I am very pale and I can't find a color that actually matches my skin tone.

I love this foundation, I use it on a regular basis. its full coverage, long lasting, easy to blend and non transferable. I find that I do need to touch up during the day but that is because I have really oily skin. its inexpensive so might as well give it a try !