Color Sensational Lipcolor


Odd smell- picky people beware!

Not a huge fan on these lipsticks, simply because of the odd stench. It has the exact smell of Barbie doll hair (if you remember, you know what I'm talking about. that odd plastic-y smell?) and I cannot stand it. I'm not sure if it was just a bad batch or what, but if you are picky about the smell of your products, I recommend to not get it.


I love this lipstick so much!! The color is gorgeous and it goes on really well. It lasts almost all day and it is pretty water proof. Would recommend this product to anyone!

Very pigmented lipstick! It feels amazing on the lips, as well. The staying power is pretty great. I haven't got around to purchasing more from the ColorSensational line, but I need to!

My go to red lip!

Very pigmented and long lasting. Also it feels amazing on the lips! Maybelline lip products are definitely one of my favorites. I have to purchase more from the ColorSensational line!

Mizz Mea M.'s Review Image
love it

So i have been on a hunt for a good fair priced red lippie and like many others i came upon this one. When i first saw it i wasn't sure but i just had to get it and see. Well lo and behold i loved it. It came out better than i expected.

Great shade!

It really brings out my eyes and is not too dark for my fair skin. It's a mix of purple berry and magenta for a nice, feminine shade. I always worry about drying my lips out, but just put on a balm before applying! It does transfer but that's normal. Good drugstore lipstick!

I like this lipstick, but I can tell the ingredients aren't natural because I get allergies if I use it. Overall it's a nice lipstick but dries fast and color fades fast.

Love, love, love!!!

My favorite lipstick!!! Love this. I think its the perfect lipstick. Pros: great color not drying but its not geasy long lasting Con: hmm the only one I can say is that it transfers but its lipstick soo its normal!

Color galore!!!

Maybelline lipsticks are truly pigmented, moisturizing and long lasting. I have a few of these, along with almost the complete vivids collection. I'm truly happy with these lipsticks and they're my favorite. There is such a wide range of colors to choose from. I absolutely love them.

Good Lip Product

I really like this lip color. I have it in Rose Glimmer, Peachy Scene, Blissful Berry, Very Cherry, and Vivid Rose. There is a great selection of colors, and the products is very smooth. I have two reasons why this product is not a 5 star product. The first one is that unless you have perfectly smooth lips, the lipstick wrinkles and cakes. The other reason is that it fades SUPER quickly. But other than that, it's good.