Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation


Guardian Angel

My emergency powder. My "I have to leave NOW because someone's having a baby!" powder. Also my "I don't have enough space in my bag for all my stash" powder. The one that makes people look at me and I'm like "Yes. I was born this beautiful". Little do they know. So! This is it. If I could right an epic poem about it, I would.


I've got combination/dry skin and with most powders the matte effect doesn't keep well into the day, however with M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation I've found a product that exceeds my expectations. The shade matches my skin so very well and it is difficult to find, considering I've got extremely fair skin. Lasts very well, usually up to 6 or more hours. With primer I've found it to last up to 12 hours. Great product, I've been using it for three years now and it is worth the investment. (side note: works very well with M.A.C. prolongwear concealer.)

Not the best for oily skin

My usual full coverage foundation powder is the MakeupForever Duo Mat, but since it is summer and I ran out of my MUFE I decided to try something new. I have oily skin all over, so this powder is great by itself or on top of any liquid foundation. However a few hours later I do find myself needing to apply it again because my oily is already showing. I do like the finish very natural and not cake-y at all. I prefer my MUFE more though.

Most amazing thing that has ever touched my skin.

This powder saved my life..seriously. I was never happy with my makeup then one day I decided to go into the MAC store and try this out, and not only did I fall in love with this, but MAC products in general. I feel like this actually IMPROVED my skin. It has excellent coverage, theres barely any need for retouches during the day, even in the summer I would wear this all day and it would stay amazing. My skin is prone to breakouts and this hasn't made me breakout.

Favorite foundation

Its so creamy and soft and applies so easy. It takes me 2 minutes to cover my face. It covers evenly but doesn't cover up everything so the face still looks natural. Works best with a primer. I've used a brush and sponges to apply and both work equally well.

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Added a glow that people still comment on

This was the best find for me when I was pregnant and even better after the newborn entered our lives and filled our days (and nights) with his joy. Great to cover up blotchy skin or sallowness from sleepless nights. Here I am two weeks after delivery. Can you tell he was only sleeping three hours at a stretch?

I think I like it!!!

Let me start off by saying I am a girl that just started wearing foundation. Mac Studio fix is a really great product. I like the fact that you have the ability to "layer" this powder. Also since I have combination skin it helps me to not look shiny towards the end of the day. Over-all a great pick.

Best Full Coverage Matte Powder Foundation

Let me start by saying, I thought I would hate this foundation. I thought it would look cakey, break me out and turn into a mess on my face. I was so wrong! Considering I have oily combo skin and this is a full coverage powder, I experienced no caking or creasing and it left my skin looking poreless and soft. I love this powder for summertime use when I literally have 5 minutes to get ready and run out the door. I have sensitive skin and it didn't upset it, nor did it break me out. I find it's slightly drying in the winter, though, but other than that, it's very silky and makes the skin look beautiful. The only warning I have is to ditch the sponge. The older, oxidized powder left on the sponge will alter the colour of the fresh powder you're applying. If you're insistent on using a sponge, either clean it daily, or use disposable ones. My personal application preference is with a kabuki brush or a very dense powder brush.

IN LoVe !

perfect and I love full coverage make up this is it! its powdery look at first but if you sweet a lot then it turns into just the right amount of foundation with out over doing it and see for yourself ...I apply it kind of heavy to cover all my scars and stuff ...looks beautiful

Love this!

I use this every day and it just comes on looking great, NOT drying like other powders I've tried. It has great coverage without looking cakey. I don't apply it with the sponge much, just when I'm out and need a quick touch up..but I can't complain about the sponge it comes with, it works pretty well! I use it with a stipple brush when I'm at home. It's very pigmented, I mean EXTREMELY. I've had this for 10 months now using it every day and I still don't see the little silver tin at the bottom! So worth the $27!