Always a plus

Nice and dark and creamy. Love to match it with ruby woo and I always get compliments when I use that duo. Don't find it drying at all long lasting as well

Kinda dry, much prefer Jordana easy liner for lips and Sorme lip pencils

On my second ever MAC trip I made sure to grab some lippies and liners. I chose Oak for nude lip lining and it pairs really well with Myth. I chose the ever hyped Nightmoth and it works well with Dubonnet (or any of my oxblood colors). I also got Naked Liner as an inner rim liner, similar to the Pixi one. I also thought it would come in handy for really mod/nude lips, to line or blank out the natural lip color. I like the color of Oak, but have other nude color lip liners that are creamier and glide on better. I love Nightmoth but found dupes in Jordana's easy liner for lips. I like Rimmel London Scandaleyes Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner in Nude to open and brighten my water line way more than the Naked Liner because the Naked liner is sort of stiff and doesn't glide on with rich pigment- and I don't want to scratch my sensitive eye area. So out of all three I used Nightmoth the most. I think part of the problem as to why these aren't super creamy is the fact they might need to be sharpened and warmed up a lot before applying. So no hate, there. But I have found other lip liners that you slap on and look fantastic! For dirt cheap! (Jordana easy liner for lips).

liners of choice

I own like 20 plus of these babies, MAC liners are by far my favorite. I picked this color to review because it is so versital with many lipsticks. I use it with reds,browns,nudes,and pinks it never feathers or bleeds. My favorite combo is this liner with MACS O lipstick xxoo

Perfect orange

Need a orange liner this is a good one to choose. I match this liner with Vegas Volt lipstick PERFECT match! The texture and consistency is a bit dry but it makes it stay on much longer.

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I Have tried alot alot of lip liners from different brands but Mac is definalty my favourite! There liners are really creamy and soft when applied so you dont need to use alot of product or press really hard on your lip when applying!! Would also recommend Spice & Boldy bare which are simalar in colour to hover! :)

My go to lip pencil, a definite staple in my makeup bag

I have this pencil in numerous colours but I chose to review Whirl because it is so versatile with different skin tones, as well as lip shapes. I would recommend using this not just as a liner, but as a primer or to fill in the whole lip as the colour is quite neutral. Gradually built up it gives a lovely mink-light beige/pink colour and really fills out the whole lip. I took off half a star though because they simply aren't long enough!

The only lip liners I use is MAC

I love MAC lip liners! The one that I use the most would be Naked. The color is perfect to line my lips with and use any lipstick with. My second favorite and most used would be subculture.


I tried this with Dark Side and I'm just not really a fan. The lipstick itself is pretty intense, but this made it way too dark on me. Not to mention, the pencil is extremely drying and drags and stabs on my lips when applying. Definitely a miss for me. Maybe it's just the color, but... Eh.

first time user

i just bought this color lip pencil and so far i used it with wet n wild's sugar plum very and the combo together is goregous now i am going to use night moth with cyber by mac. love this lip pencil so far;)

Great investment

I have been looking high and low for a lip liner that could neutralize my lips and finally found one! I have pretty pigmented lips as a natural colour and it's harder to find nude shades in lip products that are a "true nude". I find that conclear is a bit too harsh to use, it makes a "dead look". This lip pencil shade has just the right amount of pinky peach in the tone that it still gives warmth to your nude lips. This shade is also opaque enough to completely nude your lips not matter how much colour your natural lips have. This is a bit pricey for a lip liner, but it is great to use as a base and it makes brighter lip products pop. You do get a good amount of product for the price, but I highly recommend this lip pencil shade if you are looking for a true nude lip.