Powder Blush


Maria Y.

This was one of my first products i bought from mac, i has becomed one of my favorite product i go to. Love how it blends with your skin color, and makes your cheek look naturally.

Angie H.
Perfect Summer to Fall color

I love this color! I am tan all year (I work outside) and this blush is very pigmented, and has a slight sheen to it for a warm glowy look. I also sometimes use it for eye shadow...LOVE IT!

Vanessa L.
They last forever

I don't have any other blushes to compare to but I think this product is pretty good. A litle goes a long way and they blend easily. I bought Melba years ago and I used it everyday for a while and there's still plenty of product left. One of my favorites is Dollymix which is a hot pink. However, I don't think everyone can pull off such a bright color. My second favorite is Sunbasque which is a peachy color with shimmer. Sunbasque is a must for the's very pretty and bronzie.