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Melanie D.
OMG - THE best glitter out there!!
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I have 3 of the glitters from Lit and they are awesome! The one I use most is a purple medium cut glitter in Twisted Sistah size#3. I also have Champagne Wishes size #2 (a neutral all-over glitter that looks awesome over all eyeshadows) and Cowgirl size #2 (a bronze/burnt orange glitter that looks amazing in the sunlight!) They are easy to apply using Lit's Clearly Liquid base so that you can get a liner effect or a feathered, all-over-the-lid coverage. Once the base has dried it will stay all day without any fall out. I've never had any irritation using it. It is water based and contains NO alcohol! With a massive selection of hundreds of colours, cuts and finishes you can safely use Lit Cosmetics on the face and body. Just awesome!

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Misscurstiemarie H.

These glitter pigments are amazing, I am so glad to say that I got a free Lit Kit from the company to use at IMATS 2012 & every client I had loved them. I used these on my lips, lashes, eyelids, bottom lids & even the face its self for my mermaid shoot.

The glitter itself is so different compared to other glitter products; most glitter products are rough, itchy & heavy. This glitter comes on smoothly like a loose shadow & doesn't get rough after drying BEST PART it doesn't crack.

Here is a list of reasons why I love this company & why you should buy from them; 1. It is high pigmented 2. Comes on smoothly 3. Stays true to color 4. Works well with other products 5. You can use it as a Multi Use Product on any part of the face/body 6. Works well for High Fashion Shoots

*Tip when wanting to achieve a airbrushed glitter look on your face with out it looking like someone slapped it on, grab either your Mist Fix or Fix or just Spray Water, get your trusty Fan Brush dab the glitter on the Fan & have your client lean back spray the mist or water on your clients face & then lean your fan brush over & slightly dab OVER your clients face while moving your hand around your clients face to get a feathered look.

Tutorial Coming Soon with the technique & the use of the glitter pigments. xo

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Nichole H.
Best glitter on the market!

I absolutely adore Lit Cosmetics Glitter. Roxy Roller is my favorite color but Barbie Shops is my favorite add on for the top of other colors of eye shadow. I like the S2 texture. It is the perfect size of glitter, not too big but not powder either. The liquid base works great as a primer too if you want to add a ton of extra color to your shadow. It will take more shadow to cover the lid though because it absorbs a lot. However you will have the most vibrant eyes ever!!

A tip on application: First use a shadow primer, then add shadow. Use a dark shadow to emphasize the color of glitter. It is even better when you cam match the shadow to the glitter color. For colors like Barbie Shops, it looks great on bright colors the best. For that I only use a small amount so that the color shows more & the glitter just accents the color.

Use a small flat brush (like a lip gloss brush) & dip it into the glitter liquid base (glitter adhesive),pull some excess off on the side of the bottle as you pull the brush out, but do not remove too much from the brush) then blot/dab it onto your eye OVER your shadow. (dpn't spread it or you will remove some of your color) IMMEDIATELY (before it can dry) use a fluffy small round brush (i use a soho smudge but it cannot be one that has tight bristles...they need to be fluffy but not too fluffy) & dip it into the glitter & then dab it onto the lid...repeat. If you miss a spot, clean the flat brush with a makeup wipe/spray & tissue. Then reapply a small amount prior to adding glitter again. I also use a liner brush to add glitter under my eye...,.one to dip in the glitter & one in the liquid.

BE SURE TO CLEAN the brushes every dip or you will contaminate the liquid which lasts a LONG TIME.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have

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Terri S.
Vibrant, Applies easies and precisely

I purchased 6 different glitters to try. Of course with new companies, I get a little worried because I have been steered wrong many times. I have tried glitter from Sallys Beauty, MAC Pro Glitter, and some from other companies. Lit Glitter is my favorite that I have tried this far, even over Mac Pro glitter. It is finely ground, but not too small to where it looks like just a sparkly pigment which some MAC glitters do. The sugar glue it comes with makes the application process easy and flawless. You can apply a thin line with the included brush or apply to your entire lid. It does make your lid feel "tight" but after a minute it usually goes back to feeling normal. You do get alot less in these containers than you do from MAC, and if you have a PRO card from MAC, they equal about the same price but with less product. Still I have more Lit Glitters in my kit than MAC glitters.

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Crystal D.
The color of magic

Of all of the colors that I ordered, this was the only that I was one that I was unsure of. I am so glad that I took a chance; I think it is quite possibly my favorite. Glitter Junkie is described as pure reptile green glitter that flashes an iridescent array of golden yellow and pastel shades including lilac, pale pink, pale green, and pale blue sparkles. I found it to be more of a gorgeous blending of green, gold, silver and copper with flashes of iridescence. The combination truly is magical. This is the color that a sexy and mysterious faerie would wear. This color is worth every penny and no pictures I took could convey the beauty of this color. If you knew just how beautiful this color was, you really would want to buy it by the barrel.

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Christine L.
Dance the Night Away

I got Boogie Nights as part of the Lit package deal from Beautylish. I gave the glitter its true test: a wild night out in Las Vegas. I followed the instructions for the Lit adhesive and put Boogie Nights on my eyebrows.

Lit Glitters as a whole: No fallout! I have never experienced that with glitter. I lined the outer corners of my eyes with Lit glitter. Again no fallout and my eyes weren't irritated. I never thought the glitters would come off with simple makeup remover but almost all of it did. I did a follow-up with face wash and water to get those last glitter bits off my eyebrows.

Boogie Nights as a color is fantastic. My brown-black eyebrows would flash lilac, baby blue, white, and sometimes light green with certain angles of the light. Cool glitter colors that didn't make me look frosty.

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Lera J.

Lit Glitter is amazing...and seriously, who doesn't love the name Boogie Nights. It perfectly describes the color...I can't wait to get ALL the colors. This glitter is perfect, not too much fall out (very little actually), NONE fell into my eyes! Beauties, if you want glitter, BUY LIT...soooooooo goooooooooooooood (i'll post a pic soon)

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Cindy C.
Exceptionally Vivid

This color is even better in person! I was so pleased when I got it. The pigment is so rich and deep. In indoor lighting it is beautiful still, but when I stepped out in the sunshine this glitter went to a whole new level! I am going to be SO sparkly this summer! Did I mention that this color is absolutely sensational?!?! I like how versatile all the glitters are too. I put this over Armour's Femme Fatal lip gloss and it looked so cool! I would strongly recommend purchasing this color. I ordered from Beautylish and my stuff came quickly and in uber cute packaging. It even had a hand written thank you note! So I would recommend ordering from Beautylish as well!

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Nicole A.
glam bam

This universal shade of Lit is just stunning and the one I use the most. Try these they are like nothing you have ever used before. No fallout at all, I use the Lit base in waterproof and these will hold for a full 24. The perfect way to glam up even the simplest of looks xxoo

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Cristina LTHP F.
Holiday Magic!

I got Firecracker JUST so I could do a glittery Red lip :D. It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the rich shade of red and the size of the glitter particles is just perfect. I also plan on using this pretty glitter in some nail art soon!

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