Simple, Quick, Easy & Effective

This is the perfect product for days when you aren't all about the make-up. It covers what it needs to and doesn't feel heavy. Combined with some gloss and a touch of bronzer and I'm good to go on a summer day (or any season).


I used to love this tinted moisturizer along with everyone else in the world but that was because I was naive about what else was out there. I have oily skin and I still felt the need to put on my normal moisturizer under because the LM on is so dry since it is just packed with pigment. There are a ton of other tinted moisturizers that are packed with pigment but are better in the moisture department. i.e. Tarte, Benefit, UD, Stilla, and Smashbox. Check out your options before just getting it because your friend says so

Perfect For Summer!

I love this tinted moisturizer so much! It's great when you don't want a heavy foundation or you don't have much to cover. Its spf 20 is a plus because you can have flawless looking skin and help protect your skin at the same time! All you need is a little matte powder and you are ready to show off your gorgeous skin!

What a girl wants: Perfect skin (in a tube).

This is my current HG. I should use it every day because it makes my skin dewy and glowing, with just enough coverage to even things out. You get a natural, "no makeup" look. This probably wouldn't work for severe discoloration and it does need to be touched up at the end of the day. I like the light, creamy texture, but a pump applicator could be more hygienic and less accident prone when traveling. I also wish the SPF were stronger.

great stuff.. terrible price

beautiful coverage, people thought i had foundation on but it was just this! actually i think it was the illuminating version.. regardless, definitely my favourite tinted moisturizer.. the reason its 4 and a half instead of five is because of the PRICE. almost fifty bucks!! yeeps!


I had a photo shoot coming up and I had never worn make up in my life, so I walked into Sephora and talked to some lady who does makeovers and she was really nice and recommend this product. I tried it out and love the feel of this really nice and light. The shoot was gonna be outside when the sun is setting and it was gonna be hot so this was gonna be perfect! It was for sure a little pricey but luckily they have a travel size so I got that. I paid $20.50 for it

Great tinted moisturizer

There is a reason there is so much hype around this product -- because it Really is That good! I was somewhat skeptical of tinted moisturizers until I tried this one. I had tried others, but they all seemed too sheer, too greasy, or too heavy. Although it offers light coverage (but very good coverage for a TM), it evens out my skin tone beautifully and it lets my own skin "glow" through. Also, it blends really well on the skin, and it lasts a long time on me when powdered (over eight hours). I have a somewhat oily T-zone in the summer, and I have had no problems with this. Moreover, the texture of this TM is really good, and it does moisturize my skin without feeling heavy or oily. For those who are talking about its price -- yes, it Is pricey. But bear in mind this is a really high-quality product, and you're not going to find anything of the sort at a drugstore -- believe me, I would know. Also, I got the travel size at Sephora, which is way cheaper and not small at all -- I paid CA$24 for 30ml (1oz). All in all, a must-have. I don't know how I would've got through spring and summer without this.

the best tinted moisturizer

I have a sample of this and thought wow great coverage for tinted moisturizer. I also wear this on hot days under a primer and it works perfectly. It does really hydrate and look flawless like a second skin. I will definitely buy more for my kit for work.

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This is my all time favorite tinted moisturizer. I purchased it about a few months ago, and it is still not even half way empty! It gives me the coverage I need and the appearance of flawless skin which is what I look for in a tinted moisturizer. I have drugstore to highend and this is definently my favorite!

Simply Stunning

£33? Tinted Moisturiser? Definitely not worth it, right? WRONG. This product is worth every single penny. It has an SPF of 20 which is great to protect your skin, it's light and hydrating yet lasts all day, and it has the most surprising coverage. Yes, it's sheer, but it covers all my redness with ease and leaves me with a beautiful, natural glow. Holy Grail? Most definitely. Shade reference: MAC NC20/25; LMTM Bisque