LA Splash

Face Body Glitter – Sunset Beach (Orange)

LASplash is here to show you glitter glam like no one has before. Use it on your face, hair, and body. By day, subtly wear it to work by mixing it in with your eyeshadow or by night, take it to the club and have onlookers star struck. There are 87 dazzling colors that allow for endless glam. LASplash glitters are polyester film, which soften on contact with moisture. Unlike imported glass and metal grinds, LASplash glitters are precision laser cut and blended for maximum reflection. They are the finest in cosmetic grade glitter and can be worn anywhere on the body, hair, face and nails.

Directions for Use:
Multi-purpose use in one jar! Want a dramatic look? Use with LASPlash SEALER/BASE. Want sparkly lips? Dab over lip gloss. Want sparkly party hair? Sprinkle in hair and hold with hairspray. Want body glitter? Add to your lotion.

Polyethylene Terephthalate, Acrylates Copolymer: For Polyester Jewels, may contain: (Yellow 83, Blue 15, Red 122, Red 190, Red 88, Black 7), For Crystallina Glitters, may contain: Solvent (Red 135, Red 52, Violet 13, Blue 101, Yellow 93, Black 28, Green 28, Blue 36), Hostasol (Yellow, Red)