Kat Von D

Tattoo Concealer


Adriana C.

i am the delicious caramel (jkay, but i really am caramel) and OH MY GOSH! I don't have any tattoos that i want to cover up because i love them all, BUT let me tell you, it doesn't only work with tattoos but any blemishes? GONE i use it as concealer under my eyes (tip from jlovesmac1 on youtube) and oh my jebus...i'm in love:)

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Valencia F.
Vanishing Act!

Wanted to hide a tattoo that I have on my wrist...bought this product. I wore it for the special event and worried that it would rub off on my clothing. Needless to say that this concealer covered my black ink and was color fast so that it did not stain my jewelry, clothing or any individual that I came into contact with. Now, I mix it in with a little of my tinted moisturizer and it works like a charm. I make sure to keep this in my makeup kit.

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Originaldoll M.

i first tried this when they recently came out with it and i fell in love with it! i would walk daily with a friend about a mile in the summer and never did it crease on me or become cakey def 1 of my fave concealers

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Jessica R.

Everything in Kat Von D's line is killer, but I especially adore this concealer! It's pricey, but it works so well that I definitely feel it's worth it. It covers almost anything! The tube seems small, but it lasts because a little goes a LONG way...I got my first tube for Christmas in 2010 & didn't have to repurchase until around Thanksgiving of 2011! :) I've never had any problems & will definitely be sticking with this one.

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Cescelli T.

i love this stuff! it felt awesome on my skin! when i used it the producted blened it great and it covered everything. it is definitely worth the money bc you dont need a lot and it lasted for me forever.

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Melanie C.

SO PIGMENTED. Definitely full coverage but not at all cakey or heavy. Covers all my dark circles and acne scars and redness but looks totally natural.

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Julia S.

This is the best concealer! I've always had a problem with dark circles under my eyes. I don't get much rest and even if I get enough rest I'll have the dark circles. I've tried so many concealers trying to hide this problem, none have worked until I tried this!

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Romee H. Team
finally found the perfect concealer!

Thank you Kat Von D Concealer! This concealer saved my life! I been using Retin A for my adult acne, but first few weeks it made my skin worst! More blemish and driness. Kat Von D Concealer is the only concealer cover blemish, redness and driness skin without cakey looking and full coverage! I try to use Amazing concealer, it made my blemish more noticeable and cakey(not sexy)! I also use Cover Fx primer for long-lasting. I'm so happy I found my the perfect concealer match my skin ton without cakey looking!

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Brenda B.

It covers my dark circles, it doesn't slide off my face, it doesn't smell bad, BUT it does look kind of cakey on my skin and I only put like a dot.

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Allie K.

I really love this concealer, I got this in a lighter shade to brighten up the areas in my face. The consistency is not too thick but it's also not too thin and runny though it's a little on the thinner side which makes it's easily blend able concealer I do find it to work best on my fingers (or beauty blender) than with a brush. The tube makes it less of a hassle and this product has no scent, has great coverage though build-able. this product truly does last all day I am always skeptical to lasting claims but this product is really long lasting I have worn this for 16 hours and it was still looking the exact same since I had it on and as matte as I had first put it on, it's practically my holy grail concealer.