Inglot Cosmetics

Liquid Eyeliner



not the best.

i really really wanted to like this. inglot's stuff is usually amazing - like a cheaper version of mac. but this eyeliner really kind of sucks. it's not long-lasting at all and it flakes all over the place - by the end of the day i looked like i had dark purple dandruff on my eyelids! i still like this brand as a whole - hoping to purchase one of their freedom system eyeshadow palettes soon.


I love this teal-y, aqua-y blue color. The eyeliner brush is teeny tiny, and it's easy to get a very straight line, but you must dip a few times to get a thicker line. Very pigmented. I recommend this product.

It's okay

I bought it at the store and I wanted the gel liner but it was sold out so I got this. I just swatched it on my hand and it looked nice but it's really difficult to use and it has a shiny matte finish and its glittery which is a turn off. I still use it bc it's nice just for my lash line

It's Okay

Personally, I feel this is a little overpriced for what your receiving. One thing I will say is that there is no burning sensation if it gets in your eye. Pigmented like most INGLOT products but lacks a more sophisticated applicator and possibly more product.