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Freedom System Pressed Powder



Taren M.

Perfect match for my skin.. Doesn't feel heavy.. Looks very natural.. Doesn't feel like I am even wearing make up. I walked into Macy's not looking for pressed powder, just liquid concealer to cover the hyperpigmentation on my chin. The store represenitive suggested I wear this powder in conjunction with my concealer to give me a overall match for my face and of course to allow the concealer to stay on longer.. It's perfect !

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Natalie B.

I bought this powder duo a few weeks ago in Newport and I absolutely love it! (I cant tell you what color I am because its too hard to get the pan out, sorry!) I use a matte powder and the other one is a sparkly bronzer. I use the powder over my foundation and I use the bronzer to contour. This powder makes my skin look soft, smooth, and airbrushed. And the best part is it stays put all day long! Just like Inglot's eyeshadows, their powder is very pigmented and soft. I absolutely love everything they have to offer in their Freedom System Palettes and the powder duo is one of my favorites by far. I definitely recommend this powder.

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Helene G.
I'd give it a B+

The powder feels soft and smooth, and the color blends in with my skin fabulously... at first. Over the course of the day, however, it oxidized on my skin and turned darker than it started. The color wasn't off, it just looked like I'd added a layer of bronzer, so I'd recommend getting a shade lighter than you normally would if you've had problems with oxidation in the past. I also noticed that at the end of the day, I had started to break out on my chin. I'm not sure of the breakout was from the makeup or from hormones as it was getting close to that part of my cycle. Still, I thought it should be mentioned. I'll keep using the powder to see whether or not it's the cause of the breakout and report back.

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