Viridian by Illamasqua was my very first Lemming ever. The second I saw pictures online I HAD to have this color. Think of the most beautiful shade of peacock Green you can and you get Viridian. Viridian has an amazing smooth, buttery and superbly pigmented formula. Illamasqua produces a great quality product!

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Collide Neon Pink

This is a amazing polish. It's a neon pink varnish. The polish will stay for 4 days perfect! Love it! It is perfect in 2 thin layers. It's my favorite colour for the summer and I will wear it very often.

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a bit pricey but has great wear, chip resistant, opaque in 2 coats

Loella is supposed to be a shimmery candy pink but doesn't have too much shimmer in my opinion. It does have a glossy finish and looks like it'd have a fuchsia duochrome, but that aspect of the polish is much less apparent than I'd like it to be. Also, it was very difficult to capture the color on my nails properly, and took several photos in hopes that I could manage at least a little. I didn't have trouble with the packaging and enjoy the rectangular box bottling. It makes storing much easier compared to the usual rounded bottles of nail polish. My only complaint is about the duochrome not transferring well onto the nails since I really have to search for it under different lighting. Otherwise, the nail varnish is lovely. The shade of pink makes me feel super girly. It dries pretty fast (almost too fast for me), doesn't chip easily, and has long lasting wear. In terms of application, one coat can be streaky if you go too light on the polish, otherwise, one coat is fairly opaque and two hid my nails completely. It's a bit expensive at 14$ for 0.5 oz, but the splurge is worth it for a nice color you really like.

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Jo'mina Is Amazing!

Jo'mina is an amazing bright creamy opaque purple and I adore it! Two coats is all it needs and it stayed on really well. The price point is rather high, it's one of the most expensive nail polishes i've purchased to date but it was well worth it. I'd rather invest in a high quality polish in a color I know I will get a lot of wear out of rather than buy a bunch of just okay drugstore polishes. I also did a Nail Of The Day post on my blog when I wore it if you want to see more swatches!

Love the shade, hate the formula

This polish is a highly pigmented peach creme that would be perfect if it weren't for the tricky application. If I don't have the time or patience for three very thin coats each applied 5-10 minutes apart I will end up with a ruined manicure because this polish is rather thick and thus slow-drying. That said, it really is a gorgeous shade of peach--not too bright, not too pastel. Just wish it were easier to apply!

I love the color of this product and was very excited to try it. The only problem I saw with this polish was that it took me 5 or 6 coats to get a opaque look.

Not worth the $

I really wanted to love this nail polish because the colors are gorgeous, but I was so disappointed. I had no problem with the application; the polish went on nice and smooth. But the day after painting my nails they started to chip. I was shocked because I keep my nails short, and had used a base coat before and a top coat afterward. I don't think I'll be buying this product again, seeing as it's $14 and I can get 5-6 days of chip-free wear from other brands at almost half the price.

Such a vibrant beautiful color!

I absolutely love this color, and so did everyone else that saw my nails, I got so many compliments. Most nail polishes look bright in the bottle, but when they go on your nails they look dull. Not Illamasqua's, their polish went on so smooth and even and looked super bright. The color stayed bright until I removed it. The best part is I was running late and only had time to do one coat of the polish and it still looked vibrant and covered my nails without streaking. One coat with this polish looked better than two coats with lots of other ones.

The gorgeousness of this shade is beyond compare. It's a vibrant fuchsia creme leaning on the purple side, ideal for summer. Has great lasting power and it can easily stay on for 5-6 days with just a bit of tip wear. Applies almost opaque in one coat, but with two it provides complete coverage. Very glossy and simply stunning.

A gorgeous bright colour, not one for the faint-hearted!

I chose Radium on a whim really, being such an Illamasqua fan I've more or less collected all of the most popular colours, so I went for this one as it would be a nice change from my usual picks.
As soon as I bought it I saw that it had a slight shimmery iridescence to it, which I loved. The colour goes on strongly with one coat, but I like to use two coats to make sure it is the exact same brightness as it is in the bottle.
It dries very quickly, and lasts for days! With two coats I can get almost a week and no chips at all (that's not even using a top coat either)
All in all, great colour, great wear. I recommend it for lovers of brights or for anyone looking to break out of a same-old polish rut :)