Kajal Eye Pencil


Monica  C.

I very like this eyepencil, it isn' t difficult to apply, the pigmentation is great, I use it very often it' s a good eyepencil and the colors are beautiful and stays for a lot, sure I have better eyepencil but that has got a good price and a long lasting effect.

Giftedteacher M.
Good to have in your kit!

I have not used black eyeliner since junior high school, but I decided that I needed a good black in my collection. I bought this on a whim @ Shoppers Drug Mart (Toronto) and love it. It is deeply pigmented and goes on without tugging.

Michelle M.
1€ liner

absolutely great for this small price. but to be haunest the pigmentation is not the best. i prefer other eye pencils, but all in all this is a good product, especially concerning this price!

Katie W.
$1, white is perfect for wet line

I did that thing in Ulta, where I was holding the $16 white pencil liner by a fancy brand... then I swapped it out for a $9 drugstore type brand. Eventually i said "aww, screw it, it's just for my wet line & to dot the corner of my eyes", so I got the $1 Essence white eye pencil. But girls lemme tell you, this is a nice pencil!! I haven't tried any of the other colors as regular liners, so I don't know whether they're smooth or tug, etc. But using the white one for my wet line is a no brainer... applies clean & easy. It does it's job & was $1. SERIOUSLY, can't beat that!

Trixie P.

I own tree of these: black,dark brown and light brown. I use them to fill in my brows which works well. As an eyeliner they're not great. They smudge really easily and do not stay on. They come at a cheap price though so the quality is reasonable for the two euro i spent.

Kathleen  H.
Good, but could be better

Pros: goes on very smooth great pigmentation odorless very affordable Cons: breaks extremely easily will leave chunks on your eye doesn't sharpen easily without product falling out SMUDGES even if you set it Overall: I would recommend this product more for the upper lid than the lower lashline or waterline

Tanja M.

I have all the colours and I'm generally happy. I say generally. It's normal, cheap pencil. Can be used on the lids, waterline, as an eyeliner... But you have to set it with eyeshadow or it will smudge. I'm not going to lie, it will go off after some time. But if you set it, it will stay longer. It's not very longlasting, so that is a downside. But pigmentation is good. Especially the Black 01. It's great for that deep smokey eye effect. I use it on my lids sometimes as a base, I don't find it bad at all. So, cheap, easy to work with, some shades are very pigmented. But downsides - they do smudge.

Try it for yourself, it's so cheap you won't even feel it.

Jade I.

I own: 19 All I Want and 18 Everybody's Darling and I dont like them. They smudge and when I try to apply the literally go everywhere. I like essence overall, but this I just cant use.

Winter P.

Very unimpressed. I usually don't use pencil eyeliners put I thought for the cheap price I would try it. Why not? As soon as I put it on it came off it chunks and it didn't even look black it was a weird grey colour and despite that I kept it on for an hour or two and it was almost completely gone. It was a complete waste of my time. I don't know if it was just me but I dot recommend this eyeliner to anyone.

Priscilla G.
Not all that great

I bought this pencil in Ulta and was not very impressed. On my very first application it left chunks of white residue in my eye. Quality is not good at all. Not sure if this only applies to the white color pencil or to all colors.