Clarifying Lotion 2


Leaves a tingly feeling

I love this toner! It makes my face feel tight, clean, and leaves a nice airy feeling to my face! I have sensitive skin and it doesn't affect it at all! It has this alcohol smell to it though and leaves my skin dry, but as long as you have the Clinique lotion, you're good. They're a very good combo together and I suggest if you buy this product, you buy the lotion as well! I use this product everyday and I just love it! :)


I got a sample of this from Sephora. I loved loved loved it. I went out and bought the whole three step set. I have sensitive skin too. What the Clinique woman didn't tell me was that this would be too harsh for my skin. Since this is an exfoliating toner, and the moisturizer is exfoliating too, it exfoliated too much. It ended up burning the top layer of my skin on my face, as if I had a harsh face peel. My face is still recovering and it was over a month ago that I stopped using this.

Helps to exfoliate

I like this toner because it helps to exfoliate your skin. It also helps to ensure that all of your makeup has been removed. I use this in #2 because I have combination skin, but they have different ones available. It makes your skin feel really clean.


This is the first toner I ever used and I still use it. I think that tells already how much I love it. I've tried many others but I always end up getting back to this one (and my mum has used it for 12 years).

I think that the secret to this toner is menthol, which gives that nice clean feeling too. This toner exfoliates gently and gets ride of all the dirt on your face.

Not bad

It's not my favourite toner because when I used it, it dried my skin up but not drastically my skin was tight that was the first time it might still work for me so, it really depends on you skin type.😘

Great for clarifying, horrid for dry skin!

I was eager to try this product, as I had heard great reviews of it from friends. Personally, the smell doesn't put me off it, as it smells of Witch Hazel, which I like. This product is great for removing all traces of make-up, dirt and oil, and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.
However, I suffer from occasional dry skin, usually in the colder months. When using this lotion, I experience an intense burning sensation - not enough to cause major discomfort - but enough to make me wonder why it is burning so much. The skin on my face also feels tighter after using it. Also, the day after using it (I tend to use this before bed), I have much drier skin than before. This suggests that this particular lotion is too strong for my skin type - even though it caters specifically for dry combination skin. (I also get the same burning and dry skin effect from the Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner.)
I would suggest that if you have occasionally dry or sensitive skin, trying a lotion that it less strong, as you may experience the same discomfort as I have. Although, if you're in love with how well this lotion cleans your face and don't mind putting multiple layers of moisturiser on - which is what I tend to do - then stick with it!


After hearing such great things about the 3 Step System, I had high hopes for this toner. I'm not sure why they would market it to dry/combination skin types, as this left my skin feeling drier than any other toner has. Perhaps those who have more experience with alcohol-based toners wouldn't be surprised by this product, but it's not for me. It reeks of pure alcohol, and I think I'm going to have to give up on using it despite paying so much, which will be hard!

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

Being in the industry and seeing the long-term effects of using this product would turn you away instantly. This is basically like putting pure rubbing alcohol on your skin daily. Treat your skin better! If you want something cheaper AND more effective, I would recommend purchasing pure witch hazel (less than 5 bucks) and diluting it with a little water on a cotton pad.

Fun Fact: We clean spilled nail polish off the floor with this stuff. Also really good for cleaning up scuff marks on tile floors.

Burning Sensation

I first used this when I was 20, and liked that it insured that my face was clean of all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup morning and night. I did use this as part of the 3-step skin care treatment Clinique offers. However, I'm not sure if it's because I was using 2/Dry-Combo instead of 3/Oily-Combo—I highly doubt it—but I found that this product leaves a slightly burning sensation on my skin probably due to the amount of alcohol this contains. In fact this happens to contain a couple of known irritants in their ingredients, including menthol and witch hazel. I am a Clinique fan girl; I love nearly everything I've tried from Clinique. But this is the one product I could never recommend even to those with resilient skin like I thought I had.

There are better Toners

Last summer I bought the Clinique 3 Step System and this is step 2. I found that both the face wash and this toner were very harsh on my quite sensitive skin and I also found it made my skin more dry. It smells a lot like alcohol and I sometimes feel almost a burning sensation when I apply it! I don't use the 3 step system anymore as i feel it made my skin drier and tight.