Bath & Body Works

Liplicious Lip Gloss


Mercedes D.

Bath and Body Works' glosses are my 'go-to' glosses for everything. Whenever I want to add a sheen or shine on top of a matte lipstain - go to. Whenever I want to dress up my lips but not overdo it - go to. Or if I want a little moisturization that tastes yummy - go to. Absolutely love it. It's thick and stays on the lips, but doesn't feel overwhelming or like you're being suffocated,

Kendra F.
:D Yum!

-Great Smell -Great Taste -Always gives my lips a subtle shimmer, which I love! -Looks great for night looks or in the day time, but since I like shimmery makeup looks on my eyes, it always goes well with me. -Sticky, but I use it over Shea Butter Vaseline or chapstick

Sierra C.

I got this at the Bath and Body Works Semiannual sale for 3 dollars. For the on sale price I think it was worth the buy. I would never by this lip gloss at retail price because I doesn't do anything to help get healthier lips. I would advice putting this over lipstick for a "topcoat" and using something with SPF under the lipstick (like Maybelline Baby Lips). I love bath and body works so I would buy this again on when it's sale.

Dinah D.
Like this

This lip gloss is pretty thick but I like how it stays put on your lips. The one that I got was a sheer but it's good because that's what makes it versatile, you can wear it however you want: alone, under another color or over another color. Just be careful with it because you can't use too much since it's thick. As many good things as there are about this gloss, I won't be buying this again.