Daniela C.
Love it!

I love gel liners, but all the one's I've owned would dry up quickly (like a month after purchase) I was able to use lashline for a good 4 months before I noticed it started drying up, and about 8-9 months when I had to revive it a bit. It applies nicely with an angled brush or flat tip brush, doesn't skip, doesn't budge on the waterline & it works great as a lower lash mascara.

Lauren C.

very easy to apply, never clumps up..i use to wear this every day...i actually didnt realize that your lashes change from this cause i was just using it as an eyeliner..but i really do like the product, you just need to make sure you have the right brush

Eilla S.
Liner plus conditioner!

My lashes tend to fall out every morning when I wash my face or take my eye makeup off. I'm not sure if this helps with actual growth but it definitely prevents more from falling off. The texture of this liner is gel-like, very much like MAC Fluidline. It applies dark but need to let it set for a minute to go over it or it will smudge. After set, it won't smudge and the color pretty much stay a good 4 hours. I always apply a primer and this liner is good for the entire day. It isn't waterproof so it might smudge a bit if you are living somewhere hot and humid. It doesn't dry out as fast as MAC Fluidline but it doesn't really apply as dark as MAC's. It is a bit more pricey. I will repurchase just cause it helps condition my lashes unless I find something else better.

Su L.
On the fence

Buxom lashliner was my very first gel liner so it has a soft spot in my heart since it broke me into the world of gel liners and how to use angle brushes. However, I can't necessarily say that this is my all time favorite gel liner. I find the consistency of the gel liner to be a little too watery for my taste and it doesn't dry as quickly as I would like in comparison to the other gel liners I use. I've had days where I would close my eyes just because I had to whilst applying gel liner and then hello raccoon eyes. The liner would smear all over me even though I had waited a few minutes for it to dry. It applies on evenly though and it does wonders once you get the hang of keeping your eyes open for a little longer for it to dry. It lasts all day so no worries about having to reapply it. And I got the Buxom lashliner in leatherette, which I believe is the darkest black they have so it's definitely a keeper. The only thing that turned me really off about this product is that it didn't really condition nor thicken my eyelashes. I have terrible short and frail eyelashes that no one can see unless I pack on the mascara or wear false lashes. Unfortunately, no improvement. The Buxom lashliner is one of my backup gel liners I keep in my makeup stash and I reach for it whenever I do my everyday makeup versus really dramatic, going-out makeup. If you're a beginner, this may be a decent option for you but I'm still on the fence about it. I wish my lashes would grow then I'd be sold.