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Shaila H.
Favourite Black Lipstick

I've tried everything from Lip tar to eyeliner to Portland Black lipstick company and this is the black I always turn to. the rose scent is luxurious and the lack of taste is refreshing. I take this off at the end of the day with my lips looking better than after they've been scrubbed, moisturized and plumped. Pigments stays on well enough to eat or drink, and reapply after without the "lip liner" effect occurring.

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Bec S.
Love this color!
Bec S.'s Review Image

I'm loving this color right now. It's very similar to my natural lip color but just a bit more vibrant. I can put it on quickly and don't have to worry about it bleeding all over the place. If it gets feathery, it just ends up looking like my natural lip color so it's no big deal. Plus the formula is super moisturizing, so it's good to wear when your lips need a little TLC. I've been wearing it almost every day for the past month! It was a great thing to have on vacation, I could put it on whenever I needed a pop of color.

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this purple lipstick is surprisingly wearable even for every day! there are differently sized shimmer particles in it--a very very fine one and a more visible purple glittery one and it shows up as a almost semi-metallic glitter-shimmer. it looks really interesting but still subtle enough that you can wear it for day looks. I like this shade of purple a lot. the formula is moisturizing, long lasting and does stay on through eating and drinking, with some fading.

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Ruthann J.
Luscious and lovely!

Just received this amazing lipstick today! The sculpted case and product quality both scream "couture" and I just love the slightly vampy-goth look Anna is famous for.This shade is PERFECT for Spring 2013, a very creamy and rich pinky-coral-light red that smells of roses in the nicest possible way! Glides on with beautiful coverage and really creates a full and lush lip! I am truly obsessed with this lipstick and will look forward to ordering many more shades!

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Lizz C.

this brand not only has the cutest packaging ever, its so girly and edgy, but it is also is really great quality and it has so much variety the colors are also very rich

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Melanie Z.
not very pigmented nor moisturizing

I have tried products from Anna Sui's limited edition Minnie Mouse line before and did not find them to be good, but still decided to try out this lipstick. The packaging is beautiful and the quality is significantly better than that of the Minnie Mouse line (which dried out lips/hands completely) but it's permanently slick and nowhere near moisturizing and causes lips to peel. The pigmentation is shimmery and very sheer and natural-looking, much more so than expected. I would not recommend this product.

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Frank C.
The best black

Absolutely the best black Ive found. True deep black color glides on smoothly and stays put. My lips feel great as they are moisturised all day andnlook so healthy when lipstick is removed. Buy all you can!

Sylvia W.

Beautiful color!! Looks great on me. I love it!! I love Ana Sui products. There're easy to wear and look natural. I will order more in the future.

Gabrielle O.

Okay, so, this color is definitely in my top ten. When I first received it, I was a bit hesitant, since I've had some "problems" (expired eye makeup- not pretty) with Anna Sui products before. However, this lipstick is awesome! It gives a flawless finish, and the color I'm using (600) looks good with anything. It makes a gorgeous under-or-overtone, and it's super moisturizing. All in all, love the product, even with the price.

Nicole A.
very unique

this shimmery yellow is quite the color,and smells amazing. It's a gold tone and can be used alone or over other opaque or matte lipsticks to make them pop. xxoo