Christina T.

Location: Arizona, USA

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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About Me

Well, I am a 14 year old introvert who loves hair and makeup and lives in a small town in Arizona.

I enjoy dying my hair different colors and for awhile I was changing it every other month, but I'm giving my hair a break so it's going to stay dark for awhile. But, I do plan on dying the bottom half of it green once my hair reaches the length I want it to be at.

I'm a band girl. I listen to all sorts of bands, but mainly Bring Me The Horizon, Mayday Parade, Green Day, Vampire Weekend and Blink-182.

So I have the most serious face of all time. Like, I will laugh about something then I'll go back to being serious instantly and that makes people think I was laughing without smiling. It's the most hilarious thing because they'll question it and they look confused.

I'm such an awkward person. I wish I could be a smooth sailing socialite, but alas I'm just... not.

I have many insecurities and will openly complain about them, but when someone points them out I want to punch them.

So, that's all and if you want, contact me through my email which is:
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Coarse, Oily
Birthday: August 19


Q1: What is your natural hair color?

A: My hair is naturally a dark brown.

Q2: What eyebrow products do you use?

A: NYC's brow kit and brow pencil. I also use Sonia Kushak's eyebrow brush and Maybelline's Lots of Lashes clear gel.

Q3: What products do you invest in for skincare?

A: I use Neutrogena's Naturals Purifying face wash with its Refining Pore Toner.

Q4: How tall are you?

A: I am almost 5'6"

Q5: When did you start getting into makeup?

A: I was 12. I was given a tube of mascara and no one bothered to show me how it was correctly applied so I went on YouTube and instead of just discovering how to put on mascara, I found makeup tutorials and that's basically where it started.